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Pegasus Bridge


 July 2009 Father’s 89th Birthday

From an Account of this Signaller’s Wartime Experiences

“There was a cafe by the bridge and a woman was serving refreshments to the engineers and paratroopers who were repairing the bridge under German fire.

I parked the Jeep and crossed the lane to the farmhouse where I found Lord Lovat and his staff.  I told him the French Commando were on the way and asked if I could transmit the position of his forward troops.  He nodded to his staff Captain who pointed out the positions on a wall map.  I took down the references.

When I got back to the Jeep Jimmy had established contact with Divship but couldn’t raise Portsdown.  Looking at a nearby tree I ran a wire and made an inverted L aerial to give us more power and set to work coding the message.  We used Slidex Code.  It was a chart with two co-ordinates.  Some of the cross-references spelled out whole words or useful phrases.  The Germans could break this code by guessing all the cross-references so the chart was changed frequently.  We sent the message and received an acknowledgement.  We did not know what a huge effect this had at Portsdown.  It was the first news they had received from the landings”.

184 Brigade Signals 1940-1946


14 February 2010 RIP

Farewell dear father

on your journey to the dimension of light.

Follow your star as it leads you to the Kingdom of God

where there are no more cares to burden your path.

Stardust lights the steps of Jacob’s Ladder

and angels greet you as you ascend the winding staircase in silence,

light as air, like the gliders at Pegasus Bridge.

Flesh cast aside, the way is clear to the comfortable home prepared for you.

A wisp of light once more, you traverse the wondrous universe

where the architect awaits you.

In the twinkling of the night sky kaleidoscopic visions

form mesmerizing memories from beyond the veil.

No life of ease you asked for but the opportunity of human days

and freewill to feed the soul as you gently touched the beauty of the earth.

Farewell dear father.  God’s speed to the place of perfect peace.

Copyright Tigerbrite



There are some very low vibrations on our Earth, not least greed, corruption, poverty-consciousness and violence.  Dark energy is threatening us and the earth must be cleansed.  It is time to build our bridge to our higher self by remembering we are spiritual beings having a material experience.  When our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves are integrated we will no longer crave purely material satisfaction, but the refreshment of the soul.

Focus on a bridge of light to strengthen your links with the soul.  For every step you take along the rainbow bridge the Masters and the Angels will take two towards you.  When you seem to be crawling slowly uphill overcoming tests and obstacles remember that the forces of light are willing you to succeed.  Gradually weave in thread upon thread of light until the bridge is broad, strong and unbreakable.  If we move towards the spiritual life, there will be a merging of personality and soul.  If we let go of our separateness we will draw more and more light to overcome the chaos of darkness.

Balance and calm confers great power, draws more serenity into our lives.  Breathe deeply the breath of life and bring universal healing energy to body and soul.  Bless that ugly building, snarling dog, the weed you are pulling out, the person who rages at you. Bless the sick with a reassuring touch.  Bless with understanding those who do not understand.  The universe will provide for all if we trust it to do so.  Our greatest power is our imagination; visualize every person on earth being safe, happy and content.

Do not rely on others to do this work, your bridge is important, when it is built you will have made your contribution to the raising up of mankind as well as the nurturing of your soul and you will find contentment.

Text Copyright Tigerbrite

Jacob’s Ladder William Blake

Faerie Rade

It is dusk and the trees create long shadows on the dense woodland floor.  The old oak tree’s roots protrude from the earth; ivy has climbed the trunk and entwined its branches.  Nearby a leafy pathway winds its way through the trees flanked by bracken, brambles, ferns and bluebells.  This is the domain of the fey and the veil is lifting.

An owl hoots, a deer rustles in the undergrowth and a gentle breeze whispers through the leaves.  Enchanting music drifts through the air as coloured lanterns begin to bob between the trees.  The beautiful elven come into view, some are walking, others are on horseback, but all move with grace.  As they talk and laugh amongst themselves, their slanted eyes twinkle and their pointed ears protrude from their thick hair.  They have sumptuous flowing robes of coloured silk and velvet.

The horses are highly strung, their manes are plaited with tiny bells and their long tails flow out behind them as they move along on tiptoe.  The procession emanates an auric light and an overwhelming sense of love and peacefulness.   The Elf King and Queen ride by and dusk drifts into moonlight.   Moonbeams light up the glistening crystals in their crowns and catch the sparkling threads of their garments.

The last of the faerie folk file by, their cloaks trailing along the woodland pathway and their lanterns bob into the distance until all that is left of the Rade is the enchantment of the music not quite remembered.

Inspired by a Faerie Treasury

Jacky Newcomb and Alicen Geddes-Ward