Monthly Archives: September 2010

Money Makes the World go Around


Is money the root of all evil or is it love in action?  It depends on our attitude to it of course whether we believe that acquiring money is somehow difficult.  The esoteric explanation of money is in its quality as a means of exchanging energy, using the energy of endeavour to provide life’s essentials and luxuries.  But we sometimes make the mistake of trying to work out how we shall receive money when we should be concentrating on being happy in knowing that the Universe will bring about what we need.

Abundance goes much deeper than the acquisition of mere money.  Abundance is not in possession, it is using what we have to enjoy life, having the experiences that give us good health and the simple pleasures that bring happiness.  

We should assume that the Universe will provide for us and ask for what we require.  A positive attitude will bring a positive result.  We should visualise ourselves in possession of the object required.  If it is a new car, be in the driving seat, know the make of car, its colour, size of the engine, type of sound system, feel its comfortable seats and see any special needs fulfilled, feel the pleasure of the acquisition.

If we believe we deserve the best in life we shall receive it, but if we think we are undeserving or do not believe this will work we block delivery.  Poverty consciousness and a fear of the future will turn away the good things that should come to us.  A vow of poverty will bring just that and an attitude of need will find us without what we need.  Vow to receive what you have asked for with gratitude.

Start by giving thanks; show the universe the pleasure you have in what you already have.  Acknowledge your blessings. 

Our attitude of mind permeates matter, we can materialise the object of our desire or turn it away with negative thought forms.  The world is our oyster if we are open to receive what we have asked for or something better.