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Individual Universe


Akasha is a beautiful Indian woman, her sari of floating silk has threads of silver woven through which sparkle in the light.  She has deep black hair and walks with the grace of aristocracy.  In Sanskrit, the ancient Hindu language, her name means ‘of primordial spacial substance’, which is true, for she is of the ether and her spirit can be called upon to walk with me beyond this world.

She came to me in the comfortable room I created in my imagination.  It is part of a building with white turrets and marble floors, having the appearance of a temple or palace.  My room has double doors like French windows with a view of a sacred pool bathed in moonlight.  Inside I relax on a low bed with luxurious velvet coverings and cushions.

Whenever I meditate on my comfortable room Akasha comes, her sari shimmering in the moonlight.  She enfolds my aura with her love which eases the burdens from my heart.   She reminds me that my pain is only of the material world, something which can be transmuted into spiritual understanding to help me on my pathway.   In her compassionate presence I am able to see the wider picture and search for the soul I truly am.  

We can all learn to experience the spiritual universe whilst in our earthly bodies,  this is reality, not our material existence.  In spirit we are not clothed in flesh and rooted in the material.  In spirit we are set free from mindsets and prejudices and are one with the universe.

You too can explore your imagination and find your guardian angel.  You too can build your rainbow bridge between the personality, the soul and the Universe.  The bridge is built with prayerful meditation, visualization and unconditional love.  Tread the path to spiritual enlightenment with care, you will receive peace in the material world and ascend with joy in your spiritual body at the end of earthly life.

Copyright Tigerbrite


Passing Understanding




The Sun God pours light

upon revolving planets

and breathes words of comfort

on the darkness of the deep.

The lost souls cry out

in desperation of separation

Sparks of oneness trapped in matter

Seeds without the will to grow.

All things come from the mind of God

Thoughts the creator thinks

With our thoughts we can reach him

in our minds possess our piece of God.

This piece of God once found

makes Heaven’s trumpets sound

Angels sing a joyous chorus

As souls abide with the Sun.

Verse and photograph Copyright Tigerbrite



The shortest day and longest night

bring the cycle of the year to its close.

The Wild Hunter watches from dusk

through midnight until the dawn.


A cloaked figure with a golden sickle

cuts Mistletoe from the Druid Oak.

The lush green leaves and bright white

berries are captured in folds of white cloth.


The Holly King’s prickly crown of red berries

adorns the door leading to the inglenook.

A Yule Log glows in the fire and warms the night

whilst the wheel of fortune and time turn.


The world waits in silence for the vital

spirit of the sun to nurture a new beginning.

As light chinks in the east with the dawn

Sun King rises to meet the Moon Goddess.



Verse Copyright Tigerbrite