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Red Robin rides the Redbird

A vast vessel vanishing through dimensions

Flying faster than the speed of light,

galaxies passing like stars in the night.


Red Robin roams the Universe

Past, present and future he will traverse.

Finding far flung planets in linear time

Reporting  adventures to the  Universal Mind.


Red Robin searches the stars

For psychic forces to charge the brain,

Rivers of thought to empower the mind

High frequency energy to feed the future.


Red Robin has lived in the past

A professor of figures was his task

A mechanical engine he did create

But his efforts came to nought too late.


Red Robin lived on the earth

He created a computer powered by steam

Which rattled and banged in 1819

vibration virtually destroyed the machine.


Red Robin is aided by Adarithmetic

Her Bernoulli code is very slick

The first computer slipped from their grasp

There was no electricity to power the task.


Red Robin’s Redbird is driven by thought,

mathematical and astronomical formula

fulfil the energy by which it is wrought.

No vibration is seen like power by gasoline.


Red Robin, Ada and Chocolate the cat

Are content in their mission Galactic

feeding every event to Akasha,

the Universal encyclopaedic computer.


Copyright Tigerbrite




Charles Babbage (1792 – 1871)


This photograph of a UFO was published in the Daily Telegraph last year.

The object is almost identical to a UFO I saw in September 2002.  The craft blinked in and out of our dimension travelling at enormous speed.  It looked like a huge red bird and is the inspiration for Redbird.  Red Robin and Adarithmetic are Charles Babbage and Ada Byron whose work probably led to the first computer.  As ascended masters they now travel beyond the Universe collecting information and energy for Akasha or the Universal Mind.



Cartoon, Sci-Fi and Super Powers



The Snake Charmer


Vidni  lifts the lid from the basket and carefully removes the soft, coloured cloth that comforts the serpent in sleep.   The serpent stirs, then rises to the sound and sway of the pungi.  The mesmerising drone of the instrument sends the serpent into a hypnotised state and it sways to Vidni’s rhythm as they penetrate the realms of magick.  

The waiting demon enters Vidni’s  body.  He becomes connected to the serpent’s consciousness.     The sound of the pungi becomes menacing, of a deep and dark nature.

The demon has need of another snake charmer and another serpent.  The notes of the pungi plunge lower, vibrating in the base.  The serpent morphs into a basilisk his head straight and unflinching as it sways waiting and watching for its prey.

All that is needed is a look in the eye.

A young boy skips by full of life, suddenly he falls, lifeless.  Is he dead?  People gather round.  A medic gives help and presently there is life once more in the boy’s body. 

But his eyes are those of the demon.


A challenge to write a cameo story inspired by a picture.

The Image Leo put forward for the story is here

Music in Time



The music turns back time

 A child sits under the piano

Feeling the reverberation and chime

Of the notes accompanying the song

Sung soft and full of longing


The candle flame mesmerises sight,

Shifting images in its golden light

my mother is the soprano singing

on Sundays through the seasons

of my childhood, my beginning


Tears run freely down my face

As I watch from another time and place

Old, grey and aching, the vision

in the crescendo of the song,

sees me return where I belong.



Save the Earth

Gabriel was relaxing comfortably in his sitting room with his wings hung up behind the door when God came in and said, I’m sorry to interrupt your reverie but I need you to help with a very important mission to save the Earth.

“O God, we’re not going to have another virgin birth are we?”

“No, this time I want you to go to planet Venus and arrange for some of her feminine energy to be beamed to earth.

“Do I really have to?  I had a mega failure last time.  I incarnated three Ascended Masters of Yours to save the world, one was branded a prostitute, another beheaded and the third crucified like a thief.  The atrocity tore the veil between the worlds and the sun and the moon had to withdraw their light to avoid disturbance in the Universe.”

“I know, don’t blame yourself for this.  It was a lack of judgement on my part.  Are you still in touch with your friends, Michael, Raphael and Uriel?”


“Well, let’s see.  Could we persuade them to come to a briefing about this difficult problem?”

“We are supposed to leave them to sort it out themselves unless they ask us for help.  That’s why the souls chose to go there.  They choose free will.  We shouldn’t interfere.”

“I don’t think they are going to sort it out for themselves.  The only time they cry for help is in despair, and then the low vibrations around them prevent them from receiving communication from us.  It’s now time for unsolicited action on our part, so please reconsider Gabriel.”

“I don’t know, I am very much afraid they are all insane down there?”

“Gabriel… let’s give it a try.  It is now vital for the survival of the Universe.”

“I have no illusions about my involvement with the failures of the past and I really feel you should get someone younger.”

“That’s not the order of things, you are the Archangel and this is very, very important.  The Galactic Council have approved a plan.  Can we call the other Archangels together?”

“If I must.”

The sitting room falls away and we are suspended in space amongst the stars.  Gabriel is dressed in blue gown with orange highlights; he holds a goblet and is standing by a waterfall.

Raphael is holding the caduceus wand of entwined serpents that represents the life force; his yellow robes with purple highlights wave in the wind of elemental air.

A bolt of lightning and a roll of thunder announce the arrival of Michael, dressed in scarlet with green highlights, he holds high the jagged flaming sword of elemental fire.

A fertile landscape with plains and rolling hills represent earth, there we see Uriel in green robes with brown lowlights and in his arms are sheaves of wheat.

Behind each Archangel hangs a pentagram burning with a blue flame.  The pentagrams are linked in a circle with a silver thread that expands to make a sphere of swirling light.

God speaks.

“I appeal to you Archangels to help with the plan to save planet earth.   Michael, Archangel of fire, your angel host shall challenge the Watchers to free earth from their iniquity.  Uriel, your hosts can guide the earth people and help guard the portals to the spirit world.   Raphael, your hosts should assist with the transubstantiation of air to spirit to lift people’s energy so that they will more readily see and accept their true nature of spirit.  Gabriel your hosts shall still the troubled waters.

Thank you for meeting me and agreeing to help with this important mission.  The disappearance of earth would unbalance the Universe and bring chaos.  We have reached a crucial stage in evolution and it is necessary to offer help to those who are floundering.  We must achieve balance.

Everything in the Universe was once perfect, but souls did not understand this perfection so I offered them the opportunity of achieving self-development by giving them free will in a material world of choices.

Unfortunately, attachment to the material is now so highly developed incarnated souls do not remember spirit at all.  The spiral of negativity has spun too far and we must rein it in.”

Copyright Tigerbrite

Love Is All There Is


Wake oh sleeping soul for love is yours to know.

Beyond the torments of matter lies the road to reality

The unity of the Universe verses duality

Break the bonds that blind us beyond the material.

Time withers the body, dissolving opinion and gratification.

They have no purpose when this portable tomb we wear is worn.

This garment that smothers our soul seeks delivery of desires

 wealth, physical pleasure,  possessions, and power.

Surrender to the Primal Goodness of the Universe

will bring consummation in True Knowledge of God.

Initiation into immortality comes with glorious victory

and the gods will dance and sing in celebration

for the Cosmos is an ever-turning wheel of wonder

where love and abundance flow freely forever.


Sonnet Copyright Tigerbrite

Written for Poetry Pot Luck

on the Theme of Love, Bonds and Relationships

and re-posted for ‘Love and its not being there’.


Painting Nebuchadnezzar by William Blake