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Up, Up and Away

Five in the morning and we walk from the Winter Palace

to the Quay where the dimly lit felucca awaits us.

As we set off across the Nile the lights of Luxor sparkle on the water.

At the other side, still in darkness we set off for the balloon port.

The sun rising, a great red ball, beginnings of pink sky.

Our balloon is waiting and we climb inside its basket,

the pilot blows the flames and we soar into the sky

up, up and away in our beautiful balloon we fly

in silence until we need the raging flame to take us higher.

We are glad of our hats to shield us from the heat.

The Temple of Ramses below in all its ruined splendour

Colossi of Memnon not so colossal from altitude

as yesterday close to.  An ancient village,

lush green fields of sugar cane and rice.

Two thousand feet up and silently we begin our descent.

Coming in low over green fields and irrigation ditches

We see the landing strip ahead.

But we’re going to miss it.

More fire to take us higher.

See that electric wire?  Higher, higher!

Figures running from the airstrip to grab our rope and pull us clear.

Heave ho, heave ho!

BUMP on a bed of rice!!!

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Poem and Pictures Copyright Tigerbrite.





Inside the temple of the Moon Goddess

The Moonstone Tablet shines in reflected light

and glows with the power of the logos.


God looks on as the Galactic Council convenes

to consider the plight of the people of earth

incarnated into flesh and trapped in temptation.


Life in the material is a monumental choice.

Free falling through the abyss and the veil of forgetting

to material gravity which grasps with an iron fist.


The planet of choices with the chance to transmute

pain and suffering into a perfected spirit

which rises through the depths of duality.


Earth energy must be raised for God’s children

to know who they really are, why they incarnated

and that they are free to choose freedom.


Verse Copyright Tigerbrite



Elephantine Island

The dam of Aswan seemed to stretch for eternity

Nile water contained to maintain year round fertility.

The lands of the Nubians starved dry and desert

their cataracts cut off from the water above.


The Nile still passes this beautiful island

where birds and blossoms flourish amongst grey granite,

the colour of the sacred elephant of the black pharaohs

their spiritual form captured in the reflected rock


A paradise of Acacia, African Tulips and Tamarinds

Pied kingfishers, marsh warblers, herons and parakeets

Lord Kitchener’s garden still fragrant and fair where

We met the Bird Man of Aswan with his felucca.


The craft carried us into nooks and crannies of reeds and rock

Where birds camouflaged by colour where drawn by his calls.

In the clear water swam elephant, tiger, cat fish and carp.

Water buffalo wallowed in the shallows.


Poem and Pictures copyright Tigerbrite 

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Fly me to the Moon


The Court of the Moon Goddess floats in a vacuum at the centre of the moon.  Moon life is in spirit and the healing rays of the sun penetrate through the cratered surface to the sanctuary within.  There are delegates gathered here from all corners of the Universe because Moon has been chosen as the venue for the meeting of the Galactic Council who have been called to discuss the crisis with the balance of the Universe.

They are gathered in a Moonstone Palace fashioned by the imagination of the Moon Goddess. Because they are sprits devoid of a material body they choose their appearance and create their illusion through thought forms.

The Moon Goddess wears a flowing gown of silver that twinkles with stardust.  Her skin is luminous, her long flowing hair shining white, she is ageless, her body lithe and firm.  She has perfect, chiselled features and her long fingernails glow like pearls.  She wears quartz crystals and tiny silver bells.    As she moves, the crystals split the perfect white light of spirit into shimmers of rainbow light.  The tinkling bells send loving vibrations to the gathered company.  As she seats herself on her moonstone throne rainbow rays shine out all around her.   The delegates become silent and attentive as she speaks.

“I am delighted to see you all, yet I wish we had less serious business to undertake.   You have been called here by the higher order to consider a mission to rescue my daughter planet earth.  The children of God are nowhere near achieving ascension and time is running out.  Instead of working together for spiritual progress, the people are fighting amongst themselves and think only of acquiring more wealth and possessions.

 We created spiritual portals on earth to provide an access point from the material to the spirit world.   These doorways were highly charged and could lift the veil between the worlds to enable communication and provide spiritual help.  Sadly, the people have not realised their potential, so most of them have become soiled and unusable.   Worse, most people cannot communicate with their guardian angel so they are unable to benefit from their help.  They believe the illusion of their material surroundings is the only reality.  They remain trapped in ignorance until the death of their physical bodies allows a return to spirit, only then do they realise that the earth challenge they chose is unresolved.

We have to decide what we must do to transmute the heavy material energy now affecting earth.   Matter there has become so dense the natural balance of the universe as we know it is threatened.  We have appealed to the Watchers to withdraw from earth but they are addicted to sensory pleasure and bent on consumption of all that is material.  The Arch Angels are challenging them.

To enable spiritual enlightenment to surface we must raise the vibratory rate of matter, but this must be done gradually, an immediate surge would kill all the people .  The energy must be stepped down and gradually fed through willing recipients who are aware of the greater spiritual universe.  

We must ask ourselves if we should continue to send light workers there through incarnation into flesh.  Birth through earthly parents and education through childhood creates an attachment to the material we can no longer risk.  Even for Ascended Master Liberators it creates a time delay we can do without, as well as personal difficulties and pain during their physical life.  In order to facilitate our mission we must be spiritual bodies with the appearance of people.  In this guise we can begin to raise the vibrational rate of matter on the planet and attune the people to the higher energy.

I have consulted with Sun King on this plan and we have agreed that the 12 major Portals will be ideal to walk in and begin our work.   So if you all agree we should act without delay.”

Copyright Tigerbrite