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Ship of Death

The port of life is left behind,

dissolving the mortal mind.

The Ship of Death dances on ocean spray

bringing the soul to spirit’s doorway.

Soul sails through the tunnel to light

unchanged, unchallenged, bodiless.

The sleep of death is deep and egoless

as the silver cord is severed.

A body of light rises to consciousness,

awareness reaches a higher plane

in spirit we shall live again

a new life free from pain.


Of all the Tarot Cards, Death is the one most people fear to draw and it is probably the most misunderstood.  Although the card can herald a physical death, in most readings it simply means that a new way of life is required.  Something is outgrown and we need to move on.  There is a need to let go of the old and bring in the new.  To take responsibility for ourselves by letting go of another person or something that is no longer appropriate for us.

We should not fear death because we are spiritual beings who have chosen to experience life in a material body on a planet with gravity.  When we return to spirit the pains and concerns of a material life fall away and the ego that told us we were alone and separate in the material world no longer torments us.

Words Copyright Tigerbrite

 The paintings of the Magdalene Tarot are copyright Sarah Wheatley



Hanging from the ankh in helplessness and surrender,

she is crucified between life and death.

The near death experience transforms life,

as light penetrates the darkness of the deep.

The drowned ego is resurrected in the divine self

bringing mystical awareness of being one with source.

Verse copyright Tigerbrite

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 The paintings of the Magdalene Tarot are copyright Sarah Wheatley


I have found this the most difficult card so far.

Probably because the next card is death.

Good Friday

The sacrifice is made, the passion over.
The sky black with the rending of the veil.
Earth rocked with terrible tremor
As silent wailing pierced the whirling winds.

It is over, the light of the Sun snuffed out.
Spirit descending to Hades, the terrible underworld
where souls trapped in purgatory repent their sins.
Only He can enter there to redeem them.

He comes to the lowest of the seven hells
to cut the ties that bind and clear the Karma.
The stench of evil quashed by his silent hand
As the Magdalene weeps.

Verse Copyright Tigerbrite

Christ Crucified by Dali

This is a poem I wrote last year, posted again for Holy Week.


Scarlet Woman rides astride the Beast,

united in rapture of divine ecstasy.

The Grail is aflame with love and death,

blazing masculine fire in the feminine vessel.

Deep, dark, base instincts

cannot hide behind a mask of virtue.

Redemption is found in the depths

with loving acceptance of animalistic nature.

Truth lies in the tail of the lion-serpent.

Orgiastic supernova explodes the kundalini,

but integration brings power

as alchemy produces gold.


Verse copyright Tigerbrite

  The paintings of the Magdalene Tarot are copyright Sarah Wheatley

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Grandfather’s Mandolin

The mandolin holds happy memories in the hands of Toni Andaluchi.   The smooth patina of the wood has weathered with time and his loving touch.   On sultry summer evenings at the family cafe in Naples taste buds were tempted by delicious smells of salsas created by Moma to cover her succulent homemade pasta.  Huge pans of spaghetti simmered in the kitchen as bowl after bowl made its way to the tables on the terrace.  Glasses of chianti were poured and dancing and singing followed  punctuated by requests for old favourites played under the starlit sky.

Moma and the cafe are gone now and the children and grand children find the modern city life of fast food pizzas.   Forgotten are the dulcet tones of the Mandolin and the songs of the old folk tunes played into the night.