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The Red Dragon


Hell and high water

destroy carefully built dreams

changing the future.


 Haiku copyright Tigerbrite for

The Red Dragon by William Blake



The Devil


Lucifer brings forth the light, yet darkness is in his nature.

The Wadjet Eye* is threatened by the reversed pentagram**.

The prince of darkness lurks in the hidden power of our nature,

through the magic mirror we seek his soul and find our own,

the reflection of his sly smile goads us to confront our desires.


Revelation lies beyond the darkness hiding our demons.

With the lengthening shadows comes his creative force

planting in our minds a virus which grows to block the light.

Our darkness within creates the reality we oppose as

we see in the devil what we do not see in ourselves.


The Black Magician’s path leads to death and destruction.

Theurgy harnesses the power of the light

to achieve spiritual enlightenment.


*  Eye of Horus, the symbol of victory over evil.

**  Pentagram, point at the top symbolizes God,  point down symbolizes the Devil.


Verse Copyright Tigerbrite

The paintings of the Magdalene Tarot are the work of Sarah Wheatley

Sarah calls her painting ‘Hell of Mirrors’ after a book by Edogawa Rampo about a man who was unhinged by being forced to look at his own demons.


The alchemist’s principle is purification of matter,

the combination of fire and water.

In the conflagration of the phoenix

the serpent steams into a rainbow.

 Darkness perishes as the phoenix rises,

 the ego of the serpent vaporises.

 Love longs for fusion not disillusion,

unification of matter by distillation.

A marriage burns in the cauldron,

sulphur, salt and earth in a fire of conclusion

forming an androgynous, balanced being

with harmony of soul, mind and body.

The soul rises to achieve perfection,

wings framed in the rays of the sun.

With the realisation of the alchemical art

the huntress’ arrow pierces the heart.

Verse copyright Tigerbrite

 The paintings of the Magdalene Tarot are copyright Sarah Wheatley

Tarot Tower

The tower is a fortress of the mind,

where desire and willpower are confined.

A castle built by ambition

to gather power to fruition.

An empire high, mighty and haughty,

unbending to earth’s vibrations

irreverent to the eye of God,

unaware of spirit’s condemnation.

The Goddess of love kisses each tier

with the breath of the Holy dove,

but love cannot penetrate this castle of cant

whose prisoner lives in fear.

A lightening bolt brings divine revelation

as it tears down the tower of trepidation.

The armour of ignorance consumed

and the barrier to inner growth removed.

The collapse of expectation brings liberation.

Beyond the rubble of mistaken dreams

and broken prejudice lies a new horizon

shining in the light of sunbeams.


Verse copyright Tigerbrite

 The paintings of the Magdalene Tarot are copyright Sarah Wheatley