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To commune with saints

meditate as do the monks

and hear their wisdom.



The Star


 She touches the longing in the depths of our being.

Star Goddess, archetype of the eternal feminine

shines spirals of light through the universe

with the spinning of her seven pointed star.

She pours the eternal, ethereal waters of life

nourishing the cosmos to create renewal.

Earth’s energy crystals urge us to bring forth

our cosmic selves to the universal plane

and follow our Star.



The Thoth Tarot was painted by Lady Frieda Harris under the direction of Aleister Crowley, a magician of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the most famous and influential occult order of modern times functioning until the middle part of the 20th century in London.  Other prominent members of the order who have passed on their knowledge through literature are Dion Fortune and Israel Regardie.  The teachings later found a revival on the West Coast of America based on the work of Regardie.

The deck contains kabbalistic and astrological attributions as described in Crowley’s “The Book of Thoth”.

Sol Invictus


The Sun God rises from the primordial waters

for his nightly battle with darkness forces.

He returns each morning with solar strength

in his victorious course across the heavens.


The source of all life shines with eternal energy

through earth’s four seasons to form four quarters.

On the resulting cross grows the rose

with the alchemical lifeblood of love.


Sol y Luna fuse in the Rosarium Philosophorum

forming the double headed hermaphrodite

who rises above the separation of self

to find the God within.


The point within the circle symbolises the source

of male creative power at the hub of creation

whose rays penetrate everything

giving light without limitation.


Verse Copyright Tigerbrite

The paintings of the Magdalene Tarot are the work of Sarah Wheatley


Although we are only half way through the major arcana this is the last painting available from Sarah’s Deck.  She has portrayed the Sun God as a woman which is true in some traditions.  This deck has strong female energy.

However in my work I see the Sun as Masculine and the Moon as feminine and the two of them making the whole with their opposite energies.   I may continue this series with another deck as Sarah has decided to finish her deck before posting any more pictures.

I will let you know when Sarah’s deck is available.