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Tanka for Poetry Rally.

Thank you for this award and I nominate Bodhirose

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The Universe


Around the Vesica Piscis gaze the Cherubim

their masks of the old order removed.

In the completion of manifestation

their unity consciousness is renewed.

Filled with new life and light they shine

as the daughter of the King dances

within the womb of the Universe.

There are no words to conjure her

nor suitable adorations for her praise.

Every atom of the Universe sings her song

in harmony with the heavenly bodies.

In perfect peace and omnipresent principle

 of the universe the flower begets the seed.



Aeon of the New Age


Cosmic renewal reveals the God of the new age.

Horus, the Hawk Headed One enthroned.

The Aeon reaches into the cycle of passing time

to reach a new beginning in the search for Utopia.


The Goddess Nut curves to support the sky

in personification of the firmament.

She swallows the Sun each evening in the west

and streaks the morning sky with blood as she births him.


At his feet the three flames of the Shin show

a small child, an adult and an old man

symbolic of our life, body, soul and spirit.

We recognise the individual as the unit of society.


At the Equinox of the Gods the Aeon begins his 2000 year reign

when the edges of all religions and governments shall soften.

We should search with childlike innocence

for balance and the meaning of our existence.


Merlin’s Well


Beyond the mists of time lies the island of Avalon,

severed from the mainland by a shallow lake.

Magical mystery was held in the Chalice

and written in the Druid runes on the sacred sword Excalibur.

Arthur drew this sword from solid stone in his youth.

The Lady of the Lake claimed it from his death barge.


At the foot of the Tor flows the blood spring.

Iron ore water flowing on forever in flood or drought.

Stone such as Stonehenge was brought here and wrought

into a narrow chamber that fills with first light

on the sunrise of midsummer morning.

A place holy to the Gods of long ago.


Within the well chamber lies a man sized niche

where coloured water gushes onwards

dispersing a watery mist in the air like stale blood.

This is the mythical hiding place of the chalice

and the magic mirror of Morgan le Fay.

Could this well hallowed by miracle and vision

have a more sinister history of Druid sacrifice?


The Tor is a strange hill to be the work of nature.

Perhaps we see the site of an ancient Sun Temple

and sense the power of the Beltane fires.

The energy of pagan rites long ago linger in this place.

Yet the site of the Abbey is holy.

Where the first wooden church was planted

by Jesuah and Joseph of Arimathea in The Way of Love.



And did those feet in ancient time.

Walk upon England’s mountains green:

And was the holy Lamb of God,

On England’s pleasant pastures seen!

And did the Countenance Divine,

Shine forth upon our clouded hills?

And was Jerusalem builded here,

Among these dark Satanic Mills?

Bring me my Bow of burning gold;

Bring me my Arrows of desire:

Bring me my Spear: O clouds unfold!

Bring me my Chariot of fire!

I will not cease from Mental Fight,

Nor shall my Sword sleep in my hand:

Till we have built Jerusalem,

In England’s green and pleasant Land

William Blake


The Serpent Uncoils


At the end of an Aeon and at Gaia’s bidding

the Serpent of Light has slithered over continents.

Soon she will find her new home.

The shift of being will balance earth energy

giving female focus to the world.

From the far reaches of our solar system

Comet Elenin will bring star spangled love

to end the imbalance of patriarchal supremacy.

Elenin’s celestial body will bring cosmic energy

of the sacred feminine to work in our hearts.

Let us walk this earth in equality

with glorious Christed Bodies of Light.


September 21-22: Earth-Elenin-Venus alignment

September 23: Equinox, Grid Transmissions, Solar Wave

September 23-26: Cosmic Convergence

September 26-28: Sun-Elenin-Earth alignment



Thanks for this award!

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Thank you for this award and I nominate Bodhirose for the next award