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Night of Samhain


Trick or treat beware

pumpkins know not of spirits

sailing the night air.


Careful now you kids

the veil is so thin this night

no place for children.


The witches watch you

waiting to topple your hat

on windy Samhain.


The night of the dead

is no place for the jester

stay home by the fire.



Moon Goddess at Samhain


At the Sabbat of Samhain spirits of the dead

gather in the gloom to watch the wheel of the year

pass through the day of the dead to the coming winter.

A High Priestess gazes into her black obsidian Mirror

as she invokes the power of the Goddess Crone.

The veil lifts and moonlight catches the ethereal features

of the Wise One as she ignites the Halloween fire.

The flames rise higher in the power of her presence

but souls of the unwary still linger.

The Crone calls the Celtic God to ride with hounds

and through the night his magic sounds.


Spirits Rising


Spirits appear within the pyre

conjured there in Samhain fire.

Mysteries half revealed

the promise of the spinning wheel.

The Horned One in Wild Hunt

sees hoards of hounds and horses

hurtle through the night

where blood, death and darkness runt.

Howling dogs and crash of hooves

tear through the raging wind

propelling the god to die

by Tylwyth Teg in faery hills.


Faery Forest


At dusk long shadows obscure the woodland  floor.

An old oak tree’s roots protrude from the earth,

ivy has climbed the trunk and entwined its branches.

A leafy pathway winds its way through the trees

flanked by bracken, brambles, ferns and bluebells.

This is the domain of the fey and the veil is lifting.

An owl hoots, there’s a rustle in the undergrowth

and a gentle breeze whispers through the leaves.

Enchanting music drifts through the air

and coloured lanterns bob between the trees.

The beautiful elven in coloured silk and velvet grace the path,

some on horseback, others walking.

Pointed ears protrude from thick hair and slanted eyes twinkle.

The horses are highly strung, their manes plaited with tiny bells,

their long tails flow out behind them as they tinkle along on tiptoe.

The procession emanates an auric light and a sense of love and peacefulness.

As dusk drifts into moonlight the King and Queen ride by.

Moonbeams catch the crystals in their crowns

and the sparkling threads of their sumptuous garments.

The last of the faerie folk file by, their cloaks trailing along the woodland pathway.

The Rade disappears into the night along with the music not quite remembered.


Cruel Corner


Eighty years of emptiness echo in this place.

Untouched by time since that terrible conflict,

incestuous hate and inhumanity to man.

Families spilled blood brother against brother.


A padlocked door, windows shuttered and barred.

Ghostly and grim stands the once beautiful baroque.

Smoke and blood still stain its walls within.

Without it cringes unnoticed in a busy square.


Back then the church too was burned of its baroque.

The priests murdered until there was no one to bury the dead.

Even now no one can speak of the unspeakable.

Will it heal when there is no one left to remember ?


This is the true story of a real house that still stands empty in our town square.  Who knows what horrors went on inside during the Spanish Civil War.  Even today no one enters there, the terrible past is etched into the tosca stone of the once beautiful building.


For dVerse after reading Beth’s post on Garcia Lorca

A Tiny Kingdom


Life is frustrating

when you are a miniature

even for a king.


Can I have a straw

to drink my fresh brewed coffee?

Read me the paper?


Gulliver brought me

to his world of the giants.

I want to go home.


Posted for sunday Scribblings prompt Monarch

This is an old poem to fit the prompt as my muse is tired.

Versatile Blogger Award


I thank Bodhirose for kindly nominating me for this award

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 Well, these are the rules and here are the seven things about me

I am British but live on the Costa Blanca in Spain.

I teach Reiki.

Flew as a cabin attendant for many years.

My first novel is two thirds complete.

I enjoy Interior design.

I am vegetarian and enjoy cooking.

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