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November Sun


November’s sunshine

reaches the meridian.

Golden glows shine low

and bathe us with warmth and light

until the early setting.


Tanka and picture by tigerbrite.

The Sunny days of early Winter give spectacular sunsets here in Spain.


Prompt ‘November’


End of Days


Gazing into the Sacred Pool

she slipped into another world.

Peace descended from a starlit sky

and a soft kiss her forehead touched.

Contemplating the end of days,

not long now with this earth to spend.


No life of ease was asked or spent.

Just opportunity of human days

which fed the soul and gently touched

her with manna from the sky.

The beauty of the earthly world

caught within the velvet pool.


Beyond the twinkling night sky

mesmerizing memories from lives spent

beyond the time amnesia had touched.

Came calling the beings of other worlds

through kaleidoscopic visions in the pool,

and stars beckoned the end of days.


Comes soon now the end of days

when the far off heavenly sky

shall shimmer and show the world

where our futures will be spent.

The warm and silken soft pool

waters part with a caressing touch.


Her skin, her hair, her being touched

in silence at the end of days

and mirrored there in the silent pool

images of the past reflected to the sky.

A timeless source of experience spent

and sent at last to another world.


The doorway to the other world

appears, her soul is touched.

The pathway is clear to a future spent

in eternity of blissful days.

A spiritual home the other side of sky,

it’s etheric entrance open in the pool.


Here are the last moments of the world

when the sacred pool of the soul is touched

and the end of days is swallowed by the sky


This is a sestina I wrote some time ago and thought it would fit the ‘dreams’ for

Atoms and Evolution

“It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yesterday is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow.” – Robert Schuller

That which has gone before conditions what will come.

Whether it is in our own mind, that of the microcosm, or the Universal Mind of the Macrocosm.

As the universal atom rides the rays from the central stillness of God to the Ring Pass Not it gathers the experience of what has passed that way before.

The momentum of the bounce sends it circling back to the centre,

the point within a circle which is our source of life and light.

Positivity produces movement and evolution so the atom begins a new journey on another ray.

On its journeys back and forth the atom leaves the imprint of its own experience.

This will be gathered by the next atom on the path of the ray.

The next atom will also gather the sum of the previous atoms’ experiences.

When the twelve rays have been experienced the atom will settle

somewhere between the central stillness and the Ring Pass Not.

The more complex the atom the further it will settle away from the centre.

That’s how we got here.

Our world of atoms spins on the outer reaches of the Universe.

We absorb the emanations from source that have passed through positive and negative experiences resulting in our world of duality.

The experience of the material.


“To see the world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour.”  William Blake.


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