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Merry Christmas


Christmas lights shine bright

and beneath the twinkling tree

coloured parcels wait.


On Christmas morning

a champagne toast will give cheer

for our festive day.



Sensational Sunset

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A palm blown with breeze

and clouds scudding the skyline

brought colourful shapes

of fire and billowing smoke

creating melted rainbows.


This was a sunset I captured here on the Costa Blanca

it created a red light that highlighted everything visible,

it was quite extra-ordinary and surreal.


Tanka and pictures by Tigerbrite




Drowning I am

I dreamed I was walking on the shore

sand in my toes and ripples of tide

washing my feet.


Drowning I am

Surreal light shines on the waves.

I am caught in the grip of inertia

hands and arms locked.


Drowning I am

a flat bottomed boat waits

to receive me

but where is the ferryman ?



Land of the Fae


Star fairy flies the night

spirit shining clear and bright.

Her wand bestows the pins of light

that fall like blessings of delight.

Don’t wander into fairyland

as she offers you her fairy hand

nor suck sweetmeats divine

or sip of succulent victuals fine

because in enchanting magic grand

consciousness won’t understand

the world of Fae with no night or day

where human form should never stray.


Sands of Time


See a grain of sand

blown featherlike on the wind

lost among millions


Each one is unique

and finds its niche with others

on the landscape of a beach.


“To see the world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour.”  William Blake.


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