Sensational Sunset

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A palm blown with breeze

and clouds scudding the skyline

brought colourful shapes

of fire and billowing smoke

creating melted rainbows.


This was a sunset I captured here on the Costa Blanca

it created a red light that highlighted everything visible,

it was quite extra-ordinary and surreal.


Tanka and pictures by Tigerbrite



13 thoughts on “Sensational Sunset

  1. souldipper

    Oh, Tiger, this is spectacular. When I am in that light, I truly feel transported – it’s as though the energy is from another dimension. Thankfully you had your camera and shared another promise of how incredible our little planet is!

  2. jazzbumpa

    melted rainbow flows
    across the blue horizon
    shadows lingering
    under the sheltering fronds
    of the tall ancient palm trees


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