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Sunday Sun


Yellow sun dips low

crimson and violet clouds

colour the skyline.


Haiku and photo by Tigerbrite



Woodland World


Tiptoe together

through woodland and wild flowers

in search of the fae.


Sunlight through green leaves

reflecting on blades of grass

finds the fairy ring.


A wait in silence

is rewarded by the sight

of elementals.


Warrior Priestess

With eyes closed I lay on my yoga mat on the floor as a gentle voice took me into a hypnotic trance far away from the room of the finca with its roaring fire.  I was in a magnificent temple where I had lived all my life.  I had been given as a small child to train as a priestess and had been High Priestess for many years.  I was old now and had chosen my successor.

My life on earth was reaching an end.   I was seated with my priestesses circling me, some were humming softly, others chanting from the Book of the Dead.  I had been content with my life and felt a peaceful transition.

An inky Black Warrior greeted me, he was thin and twice my height holding a spear with a huge blade that towered over me.  We did not speak yet I knew he had come for me and I could feel power radiating from him.  He had never incarnated on earth and inhabited planet cyberluz.  He handed me some stunning black armour similar to his own. I put aside my priestess robes and the armour fit like a glove.  I would follow my Black Warrior through valley of the shadow of death to my new home.

The voice brought me back to the room and the crackling of the fire.  I affirmed that I was peaceful and told him of the temple.

The strangest thing, he had seen the Black Warrior too !




Sword of Sacrifice

Sacrifice tendered

severity surrendered

mercy and justice


This is a fantasy on the Tree of Life beginning in Geburah and the planet Mars.  The war lord and severe judge of Mars is told by the God of the New Age to submit to merciful justice and the love of Venus (Netzach).


Inside the Temple of Fire on Mars a swirling fog obscures the blackened walls.  There is a smell of smoke and curled in a corner out of sight is the basilisk, a serpent like creature that can kill with a breath or glance.  The massive stone altar is stained with sacrificial blood and through the windows the sky glows red.  The Angel Khamael watches over this temple and his fiery serpents dart around the domed roof like red flashes in the gloom.

Within this forbidding Temple the Warrior King keeps the Sword of Destruction.  Since the fall into matter, when mankind’s God centeredness shifted to self-centredness, Mars has wielded the magical power of the sword to remove the old and outworn.  Out of destruction should have come renewal, but planet Earth has sunk so far into negativity it now threatens the balance of the Universe.

The Warrior King wears robes of red and carries the weighty sword of destruction in a leather scabbard fastened to a chain belt.  His feet are shod with thick leather sandals, his tread is heavy and he is hard as iron.  Dark staring eyes radiate the power he has absorbed from sacrificial ceremonies.

A new order is about to begin, the God of the New Age demands that the magical power of the Sword of Destruction must be stayed.  The Warrior King stands at his temple’s altar to receive instructions on the fate of the Sword.   The God of the New Age requires that aggression and severity be transmuted so that equilibrium can be restored.  The power of the destroyer’s hand shall be muted by the love of Venus.  Cruelty and severity on earth will be replaced with love and mercy.

The surrender of the sword must be a clean-cut free will offering given without bitterness.  It will bring a transmutation of force and psychic energy will be released into the cosmic machine.  The Universe shall flow with a spiritual force of pure love which will be channelled from Venus to the moon.  Earth will receive this energy from the moon as she circles the planet.

The Warrior King must tread the twenty-second pathway of faithful intelligence and spiritual virtues to the Sun, the place of the golden mean or point of balance where the power of the sword of destruction will be received by the Archangel Raphael.  The Archangel will filter away the destructive force and direct the resulting energy to Venus.

In answer to his summons from the Lords of Karma the Warrior King makes his way to the outer door of the Temple to find his pathway to the sun.  The guardian of the gate is waiting and demands his response.   He chants the appropriate God names and the guardian steps aside to allow him through.   The door closes behind him with a thud.

There is a curtain blocking his way and it seems to have a message for him.  Through the translucency he sees a crowned goddess seated between two pillars, she is dressed in a red robe richly embroidered with gold.   In her left hand she holds the scales of justice and in her right a sword.  This sword is a symbol of the power of truth, wisdom and order and the goddess represents the pathway to equilibrium.  She gives the balance of feminine energy to counteract his powerful masculinity.  He pulls aside the curtain to meet the Goddess and, in stepping forward, falls into a void.

Floating in weightlessness he is aware of a green colour surrounding him and an aroma of Aloe.  He is helpless but relaxes and allows the fragrance to permeate his being and calm him, to show fear would attract the wrong forces.  He looks around, at first there is nothing but translucent greenness, but as his eyes become accustomed to the light he sees an ox being urged on by his keeper who wields a goad.  He watches the pair until they are a dot in the distance.

The green cloud fades and his eyes fall on an equal armed cross, it occurs to him that it might mark the path he has to follow, so he moves on.  His progress at first is like treading in water but eventually he reaches the cross and the going becomes easier.  The path is dark and eerie, but he perseveres along the way for what seems like many miles.   His feet are tired and he aches for a rest so he sits down for a while.  His thoughts begin to drift.  What will he find when he eventually reaches the end of this journey?  Is he on the correct pathway?  When the journey is completed will he ever see the Temple of Mars again?  His mind is muddled with exhaustion and he starts to nod.

The sharp pain of a heavy blow to his shoulder jars his consciousness and he looks around to see the ox keeper has returned and struck him almost senseless with his goad.  The keeper gestures to him to be gone so he pushes himself to his feet and moves forward once more.     At last it becomes less dark and in the distance he can make out a golden light.  As he presses on, the light becomes brighter and he sees a temple bathed in sunshine.  What a wonderful sight!  The beautiful golden temple touches his soul and he feels a softening of his heart.  The temple within the golden light is drawing him closer, but with each footstep it is becoming hotter.  The fierce heat of the sun is burning him, the wound is hurting, the Sword of Destruction is weighing him down and his robes are now too hot to bear.  He falls to the ground clutching his shoulder.  The wound is pouring with blood and out of the cut a ghastly little rodent with red eyes emerges and crawls down his arm.  He retches as the creature scuttles away leaving footprints of his blood.

The deep voices of the Lords of Karma fill his head.  It is essential for the good of the universe to complete his journey.  He struggles to his feet and staggers on.  Soon he reaches a curtain obstructing the way once more.  This curtain has a picture of a cube and will not move to allow him past.  He falls to his knees and beseeches the Archangel Raphael to receive the sacrifice of his sword.

His prayers are heard; the guardian of the golden temple pulls back the curtain and allows him to pass through the main door.  As he steps inside the sun’s rays cast him in a long shadow on the floor.   He realises he is naked and he no longer has the sword of destruction nor the chain girdle holding the scabbard.  He walks further inside the glorious temple and the sunlight shining through the windows banishes his shadow.  He touches his shoulder to find that the wound is healed.

He brings himself up to his full height and steps towards an altar of golden topaz bearing a cross and a red rose.  Above it frankincense is burning in a censor.  A phoenix perched on a pillar watches him as he approaches.  He feels renewed, lighter, less severe, and perhaps a little gentle, this temple is so comforting.

As he gazes at the beautiful rose it increases in size and becomes embedded in the cross of sacrifice.  Around it forms a six-pointed star shining with golden light.  In this radiance his consciousness is heightened and he is pleased he will spill no more blood with the sword of destruction.   It is as if a huge weight has been removed from his heart.  The winged Malacheem come to dance around him and with joy he realises his sacrifice has been received.

As the beautiful image of the rose cross slowly fades, he sees Sun King at the other side of the altar.  The Golden God glows as he emanates powerful sun beams filled with renewing energy that throbs into his being.  Gripped by the power coursing through him he remains rigid.   Yet he is comforted, cleansed and soothed.  The golden temple of the Sun has lifted his spirit.   Sun King holds out his hands to the Warrior King with the gift of a neatly folded pure white robe bearing a winged golden disc.  The Warrior King slips into his new robe and kneels at the altar to give thanks for his solar re-birth by initiation in the Temple of the Sun.

The Warrior King has been sorely tried but has given freely and the Lords of Karma are pleased.   The powerful energy generated from the sacrifice of the sword is winging its way to Venus to be charged with love.  The Moon Goddess is ready to shine light on earth which will bring a new beginning.