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Art Acrostic


Modernism rejects tradition

Of artistic composition.

Defusing fear of the new by

Expressing art in popular form.

Reason questions the simplistic approach

Notwithstanding postmodernism or modernity.


Prompt MODERN from Sunday Scribblings



Pull of the Moon


In sleep my spirit flies into the vast expanse of sky

free of gravity and of flesh I see my special star go by.

Looking up from the earthly plane in new morning or at night

my star is there to guide me and reassure me in my plight.


When I ride the heavens silken moonbeams light my path

like a moth on waves of ecstasy I am sucked beyond the dark

The magnetism of the Moon Goddess bids me enter her delight

where I stay to learn her secrets in the luminescent light.


What a mystery it is how her light is bathed upon the earth

to tempt us into ascension from the matter of our birth.

And penetrate the heady realms of love which is our right

to reach the realms of spirit whilst our bodies sleep tonight.


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The Goddess Stirs


Sap rise at Imbolc.

When the ever turning wheel

renews the Goddess.


Oestara blooms in

the lengthening light of day

at Spring Equinox.


Imbolc on 2 February (known as Candlemas in the Christian Calendar) is said to be when the first stirrings of Spring begin.

The Goddess Oestara (who gave her name to Easter) blossoms at the Spring Equinox on 21 March.


Picture credit Helena Nelson Reed


Prompt SPRING from Haiku Heights


Universal Illusion


Vibrating atoms

give illusion of matter

in a fallen world.


On the very edge

of the Solar System near

to the Ring Pass Not


Spinning forever

caught in the machinery

of the Universe


Whilst spirit beings

watch over us and send light

to redeem our souls.


Prompt ILLUSION from


The Essenes


Weary work on earth

preparing for the moment

to ground the life force

and align the energy

on the cross of calvery.


The plan was conceived

one hundred and fifty years

to its fruition.

With crystals and triangles

masters made the grid system.


Cosmic energy

was brought into synthesis

ending a cycle.

Triumph of light now assured

the saviour can take his rest.


An astonishing book by Stuart Wilson and Joanna Prentis ‘The Essenes Children of the Light’ presents past life regressions to the time of Jesus and puts forward the theory that the crucifixion was a deliberate plan to stabilise energy on earth and smooth the way forward to the light.


Painting Christ by Leonardo Da Vinci.


Prompt REST from