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Living in the Moment


Living in the moment

In openness of heart

Vibrates a powerful

Insight into spirit.

Never should we doubt that

God loves us.


In times of trouble

Never fail to call for comfort.


There is always an ear to hear

However dark our secret sorrows.

Every hour of every day are


Moments to treasure

On the pathway back home.

Many are the joys as well as the sorrows.

Every difficulty is a challenge.

Narrow is the path to the light.

Take it in joy.


Prompt from Victoria at



Express Reflections


A strange mirror this

possessed of multi images

repeating to infinity.

Could there really be so many of me ?


Soaring through seven dimensions

reflections race like carriages of a passing train

seeking  the peace without the pain

which lies at the terminus of the track.


A journey to a magic land through The Looking Glass where thoughts are made reality.


Prompt from


Who Are We ?


Endurance builds our

earthly strength of character

to fulfil the dream.


Material life

needs connection to spirit

through meditation.



brings us peaceful acceptance

and the joy of love.


Coping with our life challenges sometimes overpowers us and we forget we really are part of the whole.



A big thank you to Jamie Dedes for this award.

Check out her beautiful poetry at


Angelic Orb


The eager spirit

pursues a colourful orb.

Who has summoned them ?


What angelic force projects you mysterious orb?

Your first shade of colour is a pinky red for the flame of God and Regent of the Sun, Archangel Uriel of Salvation.  Within you follows green for Archangel Raphael, the Holy Healer and Zadkiel the Divine Comforter.  Then lilac embraces Shamael, the Divine Guide.

Horizontal shooting sphere, where are you bound in such a hurry and who is the spirit that follows you in equal eagerness ?


This photo was taken with my digital camera at midday.  It shows an orb on the move followed by a spirit shape.  I have often captured hovering or stationery orbs, but it less usual to photograph moving ones especially in strong daylight.


Prompt from Haiku Heights EAGER

Prompt from Victoria THE SECOND PERSON




Nineteen ninety nine

end of the millennium

or end of the world?


Computers will fail

planes will drop out of the sky

as two thousand dawns.


We all stayed at home

well, except for my father

who took a free flight.


Smiling with triumph

new millennia morning

he came through the gate.


‘Bit quiet here dear,

I told them how to fix things.

Whose open for lunch?’


Prompt 1999 from




Words of power fill the ether and I am drawn to the material world.  I walk in a beautiful garden with fragrant flowers and fruit trees.  Soft grass caresses my feet and a light breeze ruffles my hair.  I am cocooned in a warp of magic in a picture within a picture.

My long white robe, finely stitched in silk, shimmers as I pass a flowing fountain.  Soft drops of water moisten my arms and face.  I touch my temple to wipe the spray.  My head is lifted high and in the water of the fountain’s pool my reflection shows a golden collar about my neck and a head dress formed from the horns of Hathor and the moon.

So I am invoked from my suspended reality of spirit to enter into the sacred rite offered me by those who worship Isis.


Photo by Tigerbrite.  Temple of Isis on Philae Island.