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Lord Maitraya


The power of joy

brings healing and happiness

highest vibration.


Energy of joy

in achieving life’s purpose

brings us contentment.


The joy found in love

unconditional splendour

openness of heart.


Ascended Master Lord Maitraya, Laughing Buddha, lived as a Buddhist monk who was renowned for his compassion and generosity.  I found him in the Ascended Master Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, PhD.


“But trailing clouds of glory do we come

From God, who is our home:

Heaven lies about us in our infancy!

Shades of the prison-house begin to close

Upon the growing Boy,

But He beholds the light, and whence it flows,

He sees it in his joy;”

William Wordsworth


Prompt JOY from Haiku Heights


And posted for dVerse Poetry Pub


That was Yesterday

That was Yesterday

(Stream of consciousness prompt)


I no longer dream of plane crashes.

V1 to thirty thousand feet.

Lost in space.

Catering boxes and croissants.

First class galley, caviar, vodka and a cigar cutter.

Filet mignon

whiskey sour and chateaux bottled red.

Silver service… washing up.  Relaying.

Boiling and scrambling eggs.

No toaster.

Daylight landing near the jungle. Freetown Africa. Drinks on the stoop, snakes in the bathroom and a local minder with a rifle.

Five runways parallel LA

Smells of Singapore, rickshaw and curry for breakfast.

Royalty in Bahrain, refrigerated swimming pool, beach house, white sand beach with transparent water,  tea from a silver tray by a flunky with a white jacket and gloves .

Niagara falls

Nairobi snake farm and altitude sickness, avocados as big as a football.

707 hammer start, flames from engines

Chinese theatre clinking and singing in the street.

New York sirens 24/7 . Sunday morning suicide flung from the 44th floor.

Yellow taxis bump to the smell of hamburgers and a rain coated man exposes himself in time square.


Royal Manhattan hotel imploded.



For dVerse Poets brainstorm.  It has opened up the memory banks but I would not call it poetry..



Always is a long time but is it

Longer than forever ?

When we see the sameness of something is it

Always there without change ?

Yet change must occur for us to

See progress in our world.


Acrostic  ALWAYS for dVerse prompt CHANGE


Picture.  The Moon Goddess reviewing our changing world.


Pine Dust


Pollen of the pine

yellow dust blown on the breeze

covers everything


Thanks to a rainstorm

the terrace runs with custard

everything washed clean.


Prompt PINE from Haiku Heights


We don’t actually have any pines in our mediterranean garden (view from the study window above) but we do get the fall out from other gardens.  Everything gets covered in thick yellow dust.  It is such a blessing to have rain to wash everything clean because it is such slimy stuff to wash off the terraces and garden furniture.


Beyond the Universe

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God”.

John 1.1


The Great Entity became aware of itself and spoke causing waves of movement within the circular Universe making stars and sending planets spinning.  Confined here with a ring called the ‘pass not’ to keep us from spinning away.  The tiny planet Earth just a speck, our evolutionary phase slowed by the fall.

The Cosmos contains many Universes as well as our Solar System.  Is there evolving life and consciousness beyond, so different and advanced from ours we could not comprehend it ?


Prompt IN THE BEGINNING from Sunday Scribblings



Red Robin rides the Redbird

A vast vessel vanishing through dimensions

Flying faster than the speed of light,

galaxies passing like stars in the night.


Red Robin roams the Universe

Past, present and future he will traverse.

Finding far flung planets in linear time

Reporting adventures to the Universal Mind.


Red Robin searches the stars

For psychic forces to charge the brain,

Rivers of thought to empower the mind

High frequency energy to feed the future.


Red Robin has lived in the past

A professor of figures was his task

A mechanical engine he did create

But his efforts came to nought too late.


Red Robin lived on the earth

He created a computer powered by steam

Which rattled and banged in 1819

vibration virtually destroyed the machine.


Red Robin is aided by Adarithmetic

Her Bernoulli code is very slick

The first computer slipped from their grasp

There was no electricity to power the task.


Red Robin’s Redbird is driven by thought,

mathematical and astronomical formula

fulfil the energy by which it is wrought.

No vibration is seen like power by gasoline.


Red Robin, Ada and Chocolate the cat

Are content in their mission Galactic

feeding every event to Akasha,

the Universal encyclopaedic computer.





Charles Babbage (1792 – 1871)


This photograph of a UFO was published in the Daily Telegraph.

The object is almost identical to a UFO I saw in September 2002. The craft blinked in and out of our dimension travelling at enormous speed. It looked like a huge red bird and is the inspiration for Redbird. Red Robin and Adarithmetic are Charles Babbage and Ada Byron whose work probably led to the first computer. As ascended masters they now travel beyond the Universe collecting information and energy for Akasha or the Universal Mind.


Re blogged for d Verse prompt Sci Fi Poetry by Björn