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Proof of the pudding

is found in the consumption,

taste and digestion.


Smooth and delicious,

satisfying the longing,

comfort and repleat.



the pudding is one with us,

part of our being.


Will it do us good

this assimilated food

now in our body?


To nourish the soul

absorb manna from heaven.

Harness the life force.


Prompt TRUE from Haiku Heights.


Truth being told

Reveals wisdom.

Using deception

Endangers the soul.





A warm breeze of late summer bends the ripened wheat and rustles the seeds made golden by the sun.

An idyllic afternoon with soft sunshine as the days draw near to September’s song.

Ripe and ready for the harvest the fruits of the field will be gathered, grain for the miller to make flour essential for the bread of life.

Golden hay falling from the combine onto the field where it will wait to be bailed for the animals.

And so another season of growth is closing; the wheel of life will enter autumn’s fall into dark winter days before the first shoots of spring begin again.


Written for Five Sentence Fiction.


Enchanted Evening


The veil is thin at dusk and from the island of the angelic kingdom with its faery castle the unicorns sail the surf to mingle with the jolly, chubby water babies in the shallows.

The earth faeries have sensed the unicorns’ presence and gather on the sea shore in anticipation of a gallop of excitement on the back of one these spiritual creatures.

It’s time to relax from their daily tasks with fun and frolic and the mermaid looks on waiting for the unicorns to swim with her to the fifth dimension.

As darkness falls little lanterns are lit, bell like music tinkles in the night and a wonderful energy of openhearted love and enjoyment fills the air.

An uplifting vision of how things should be, but the elemental folk are suffering from our pollution of sea and land with unnatural products and they are fewer now, but you may still see a faery at the bottom of the garden if you’re really lucky.


Written for Five Sentence Fiction.

Orphic Awakening


We all need support,

friendship and interaction

for a fulfilled life.


Inner planes of life

bring divine revelation

and spirit support.


Prompt SUPPORT from Haiku Heights.


Seeing and


Provides a



Revelation and



Picture ‘Orphic Awakening’ by Agage from Deviant Art.

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D Day Landings


Tank tracks through dead men’s footprints

one taken as he helped to dig it out.

The first vulnerable boats on the beach.

Grenades exploding sand bombs, rifle fire whizzing past eardrums.

Silent, soggy and gritty, head down, bound for Pegusus Bridge.


Picture prompt from

Here is my yesterday’s post for Father’s Day on the same theme




From an Account of this Signaller’s Wartime Experiences on the D Day Landings, France.

“There was a cafe by the bridge and a woman was serving refreshments to the engineers and paratroopers who were repairing the bridge under German fire.

I parked the Jeep and crossed the lane to the farmhouse where I found Lord Lovat and his staff.  I told him the French Commando were on the way and asked if I could transmit the position of his forward troops.  He nodded to his staff Captain who pointed out the positions on a wall map.  I took down the references.

When I got back to the Jeep Jimmy had established contact with Divship but couldn’t raise Portsdown.  Looking at a nearby tree I ran a wire and made an inverted L aerial to give us more power and set to work coding the message.  We used Slidex Code.  It was a chart with two co-ordinates.  Some of the cross-references spelled out whole words or useful phrases.  The Germans could break this code by guessing all the cross-references so the chart was changed frequently.  We sent the message and received an acknowledgement.  We did not know what a huge effect this had at Portsdown.  It was the first news they had received from the landings”.

184 Brigade Signals 1940-1946


14 February 2010 RIP

Farewell dear father

on your journey to the dimension of light.

Follow your star as it leads you to the Kingdom of God

where there are no more cares to burden your path.

Stardust lights the steps of Jacob’s Ladder

and angels greet you as you ascend the winding staircase in silence,

light as air, like the gliders at Pegasus Bridge.

Flesh cast aside, the way is clear to the comfortable home prepared for you.

A wisp of light once more, you traverse the wondrous universe

where the architect awaits you.

In the twinkling of the night sky kaleidoscopic visions

form mesmerizing memories from beyond the veil.

No life of ease you asked for but the opportunity of human days

and freewill to feed the soul as you gently touched the beauty of the earth.

Farewell dear father.  God’s speed to the place of perfect peace.


Picture.  My father on his Wedding Day in England July 1947.


for Sunday Scriblings Prompt PARENT