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You look sort of lost

staring with those pleading eyes,

deep pools of desire.


Let’s walk in dark night,

find a shooting star of light

to brighten your life.


Picture prompt from The Mag by Tess Kincaid.


and shared with dVerse Poet’s Pub.


Summer Triversen


Sultry stillness

and burning breathlessness

scorches the surroundings.


The mirage of Mountains

in the distance melt

into a haze of heat.


We sip a chardonnay splitzer

lolling in lukewarm water

cicadas sing to our splashing.


dVerse Happy Summer


Text and picture by Tigerbrite

Silver and Gold


The treasure of the Alchemist is

Revealed in liquid Gold of the Sun.

Element of the fiery red ray,

Alchemical energy of creation.

Sacred fire is tempered as it

Unites with the white tincture of the moon and silver

Realising the treasure of the Queen of Heaven.

Emperor and Empress of the ether.


Picture credit ‘Radiance’ by Windfalcon at


Prompt TREASURE from Sunday Scribblings and shared with dVerse.

Black Hole


Infinity slipped,

crashed and splintered

into black shards.

The once perfect eight

laid on its side in pieces,

left to repeat itself forever.

Gather the wreckage quickly

lest it splits into a million atoms

multiplying the prime deviation

from the machinery of the Universe.


Picture Prompt from The Mag.

Life and Meaning


Searching for meaning

every stone is over turned.

Finding is within.


Prompt MEANING from Haiku Heights.


Meaning of life.

Every thought creates

A pattern.

No experience fails to

Influence our path.

Neschamah consciousness bring us closer to



In Kabbalistic tradition Neschamah is one of the higher aspects of the human soul.


Pomegranate Juice


Daydream of limitless light

sends the clouds scudding

leaving the glitter of sunshine

on a millpond of sea.

Orchards of pomegranates swell

and ripen their bitterish seeds.

First fruits of summer soon to pluck.

Balmy and comforting July days

like a welcome friend.

No rain to halt al fresco life

nor differ from the sun of Summer’s days.


Written using the words in the picture for