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Moving Forward


Risk is reasonable

If your heart says ‘yes’

So take your opportunity and

Keep a close watch on circumstances.


Prompt RISK from Sunday Scribblings.


Picture credit Trudi Finch.



Self Portrait of a Tiger


Within the Evolutionary Personality

resides a strong and handsome cat

who lives with my unconscious memoirs.

When I search the psyche I glimpse him,

soft fur caressing my skin,

whiskers tickling.

A warmest hug of love he gives me

if I’m not as strong as I should be.

His golden glow lights my life

and comforts me in times of strife.

My Power Animal Tigerbrite.



Prompt to write a self portrait by Hobgoblin at

Summer’s End


Witches’ New Year,

on Sabbat of Samhain,

the harvest complete.


Lord of the shadows

and Lady of darkness

watch the flames rising.


Drawing back the veil

the crone whispers between worlds

to honour spirits


Images form

within her skrying glass

reflecting strange light.


A divination

to reveal the energy

of the year ahead.


Samhain is Irish for ‘Summer’s end’.


When the wheel of the year

Is full circle, witches honour

The sprits of the dead

Celebrating the festival of



Prompt WITCH from Haiku Heights

and shared with dVerse.




The Druid Way


Merlin’s magic the Druid Art

essence of the mysteries

no written word was ever part.


By spoken word the secrets passed

meta physics of the ancients

Merlin’s magic the Druid Art.


Among the brotherhood of priests

In Celtic Country fair and green

no written word was ever seen


Pagan Religion of the earth

of healing and the Druid oak

Merlin’s magic the Druid Art.


At Christianity’s Roman start

Old ways of nature faded

no written word was ever part.


The Druid horned one prevails

Hidden through mists of veils

Merlin’s magic the Druid Art

no written word was ever part.


Written for dVerse Physics and the art of Villanelle.  My first attempt at this form.

Thanks to Samuel Peralta for the prompt.




She touches the longing in the depths of our being.

Star Goddess, archetype of the eternal feminine,

shines spirals of light through the universe

spinning from her seven pointed star.


She pours the eternal, ethereal waters of life

to nourish and create renewal.

Balancing the earth with elemental air

and the cosmic fire of the stars.


Painting by Sarah Wheatley from her Magdalene Tarot.

More of her work at


The All Seeing Eye


Beyond the symbol we may find

stimuli to the higher mind.

Leaving consciousness behind

spirits speak of secrets,

subtle mysteries old as time.


Within the glow of spiritual light

we glimpse a world beyond clear sight

of beings free from mortal toil.

They bring enlightenment for all

who tread the path of Theurgy.


Picture prompt from Tess Kincaid at The Mag

Sunday Scribblings prompt UPGRADE



links the depths with the heights

magical power.



mastery of elements

air of Mercury


astral thought forms.

solidify ideas



Prompt CONSCIOUS from Haiku Heights

Picture from the Magdalene Tarot by Sarah Wheatley

More of her work on the blog