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Power of Suggestion


The group mind

Has potent power

Over common concentrated thought

Uplifted by emotional energy and

Given form on the astral.

Here it attracts the spirit of

The picture it represents.


Forming in the picture an

Olympian from the spiritual

Realm, giving life to the thought form

Manifest from the Inner Planes.


Victoria’s contribution of dVerse Poet’s open night prompted me to post this poem.

The power of suggestion or news the media feeds us has the ability to raise emotion in us.  Once many people have seen the bad news their sadness, depression or anger creates a group mind of emotion that feeds back more of the same.  Switch off that TV news and break the chain of negativity.  Form positive energy around the aura with a positive affirmation and give thanks for the good things we have.  Make a blessing for someone or a situation.


Picture credit “Dream Weaver” by Charles Frizzell



Be Prepared

Reminds me of being a girl guide

a long time long ago.

A time in childhood when

the future was extended into the unknown.

A void yet to be filled.

I have lived through most of it

yet the rest of it is still unknown.


Power of The Mind


Cosmic flow

Orders progress of evolution.

Subtle cyclical energy raised in

Metaphysics can

Invoke deities or evoke artificial elementals

Called to manifestation in service of the group mind.


Follow the cosmic flow for the

Left hand path

Offers only destruction, the

Wreckage of ill conceived ideas.


An acrostic for dVerse.

‘The Universe’ from the Thoth Tarot.


Meditation on a Yellow Mackintosh


Behind the green door of our mind dwells the I AM supraconscious.

The part that connects to the Universal web of telepathy.

Open the door to pictures of perception in the sea of spirit.

Beyond the heat of desire, an inner journey which reaches bliss.

At one ment with the immense wealth of the inner world.


Picture prompt from Tess Kincaid at the Mag ‘SQUALL’ by Andrew Wyeth 1986.


Starry Night

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The sky swirls with a tumult of stars

dark and spinning as Vincent’s troubled mind.

His imaginary world held surreal colour

bright and beautiful oils sculpted on canvas.

What dream held the magic of these treasures?

The house glowing like fresh yellow butter

covers the colour of poverty and loneliness

leading to depression and derangement.

In the asylum garden irises and marigolds

are stilled in enchantment of blue and gold.


Victoria’s prompt at dVerse was to write on literary allusion, but Vincent’s art held me.