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Owl, Pussycat and Piggy

Owl and Pussycat.

Pussycat’s wet paws

reveal a leak on return

from land of Bong tree


Owl hoots in panic

as water engulfs guitar

and honey jar.


Pea green boat sinking

Owl and Pussycat swimming

towing the guitar


Ahoy! Cries Piggy

from his fast catamaran

I brought you a line


So glad of rescue

they scramble aboard to dine

on pilchards in wine.


Apologies to Edward Lear and the traditional haiku

Prompt RESCUE from Haiku Heights



Wolf Moon

Godess in Leo.

Full moon at Imbolc

crowns the spring goddess Brigid

passing of winter.


Wolf moon in Leo

Sun in Aquarius

warms tender new shoots.


The wheel of life turns

beginning a new cycle

mansions of the moon


Carpe Diem prompt  wolf moon




The Temple candle ignited with intent

enters the vision of the imagination

distilling the collective consciousness

and expanding the egregore of the group mind.


Superconsciousness shares the thought form

developing its imprint on the astral.

Inner contact perceives the vision

traversing the threshold of the group mind.


Bourne up on the vision, the imagination

removes the landscape of the material,

enters the inner temple and encounters

the line of deity invoked by the group mind.


Written for dVerse ‘Creativity’


Picture from

where you will also find an exposition on invocation.

Soul Searching


The flame burning within

flickers in the sound of silence

as it searches for the essence of spirit,

divine spark of the cosmic life force.


Are there sounds beyond the veil,

angels singing sweet songs?

Do they hear the screaming wind

of this turbulent stormy night?


The ascended masters must see us

struggling to understand

why we are separated from our star

by earth, water, air and fire.


A spark of spirit from the cosmos

inhabits these electrical impulses

we see as flesh, bone and blood

labouring in linear time.


An Incarnationary experiment

gathering experiences for evolution,

memories of pleasure and pain

initiated on the material plane.





Evening light

sees elementals

through the veil


Through the veil

to the inner world

work magic


Work magic

with spirits of earth

heal Gaia.


Prompt DUSK from Haiku Heights.

Picture and prose from ‘Sacred Mirrors – The Visionary Art of Alex Grey’

This is Alex’s vision of Gaia, the World Soul.

Gaia was the tree of life or web of life with her root in the subatomic, atomic, molecular, and cellular levels of matter (mater/mother) reaching upward through the oceans, stones, soil, grass forests, mountains, lakes, rivers, air and atmosphere to nurture all plants and creatures.  A natural cycle of birth, sustenance and death was woven into the tapestry of Nature.  Gaia continuously gave birth to life through the love energy in her heart. The future generations of humanity were symbolised by a human mother nursing in Gaia’s cave.

Gaia’s body was being ravaged and destroyed by man, reflecting the present crisis in the environment.  A diseased and demonic phallus had erected structures all over the earth to suck dry Gaia’s milk and turn it into power and money.  The wasteland of a disposable culture was piled high and was seeping into the microgenetic pool causing diseases and defects in the Great Chain of Life.

Emerging also from that microgenetic level – but on the side of Nature – was an evolutionary alarm represented by a large ‘seeing’ hand which catalyzed the collective will of the people, enabling them to see, with eyes of unobstructed vision, the actions necessary to stop the destruction of the world soul.

Astral Journey


I’m glowing by the olive fire

dreaming by hearth of the pyre

drifting in a spell

where time circles the path of desire

to a place long ago.


Within the temple chanting

a ponderous song of repetition

words from the Book of the Dead

and I sitting, listening,  knowing

priestesses circling in song


A world without mortal bonds

a life so expansive and free

I want to dance and sing with

my ferocious guardian so fond

Black Warrior of light.


Returning to the fire in cinders

I stare in contemplation of its tinder

my journey on the inner planes

travelling in time to consider

the incarnations of mankind.


My attempt at a ‘Weave’ for dVerse Form for all.


Picture credit ‘Stars and Spirits’ by Dragon Gurl at Deviant Art