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Venus de Milo

Venus de Milo with Drawers - Salvador Dali, 1936


Dali searches secret places where psychoanalysis attempts to reach the hidden draws of the psych.

Hallucinogenic ramblings disguised with mink pompoms pulled to no effect.

Fluffy image of a  deep melancholia carefully wrapped inside a statue of once complete beauty.

Aphrodite of Milos the Hellenic beauty of another age.  Once a complete work of Aegean times defaced and deranged out of corruption.  A mystery of the mind and machinations of man.


Picture prompt from The Mag Venus de Milo with Drawers, 1936, Salvador Dali




Sunkissed idyll

brings the tranquil contentment

of a perfect day


Sunbeams shimmering

stillness of a glassy sea

calm before the storm




Pictures circa 1977.  In the first one I am on the left – in the others on the right.

My friend in the first picture on my right and pictured on my left in the others died last year.

We had such fun when we were both young cabin attendants.

These pictures (almost sepia now) were taken in the Persian Gulf, the girl on the far right in the first frame crewed the boat with her husband and took me for water sking lessons (my friend did not need any as she was already expert).


For Heiku Heights prompt SHIMMER



The Phantom

Wind of History Jacek Yerka.

An imprint of the past from the inner planes emerges as the wind veers to the East and shifts the veil of time.

This house long gone still lives in the mind of the spirit trapped in the magic circle drawn on the floor of the west wing study.  Summoned there by a sorcerer long ago it wails at the wind in desperation of separation and imprisonment.  An eerie glow illuminates the window of an otherwise decayed building.

A road passes through where this estate once stood, but when the East wind blows bringing bad weather the fragments of past times distress the tarmac and send wheels spinning.

Not So Sweet

Sugar Mice.

Sugar the pallet

addictive pleasure provides

empty calories


Empty calories

lurk in processed food and drink

cause of diseases


causes of diseases

no nutritional value

increased body fat


Six million West Africans were enslaved in the West Indies for the production of Sugar Cane making vast sums of money for the plantation owners and bringing cheap sugar to the european market.  The result a population addicted to sugar.

Picture from BBC History archive.


Night Fever


I dither and slither

in the shivering heat of the night.

A banging heartbeat pants the height of fever.

Purged of everything that passed my lips

I attempt to swallow water.

Between the roaring rivers of blood

a formula forms boiling in my head.

I try to grasp the gist of it.

It seems to be four cornered,

a grid of prophetic proportions,

yet its meaning eludes me.

Beyond the raspings of a rattling chest

an inner voice advises relinquishment of reason.

It weaves hypnotic patterns as I watch

and in the psychic pictures the tremblings cease.


Written for dVerse.

Picture Angel of the Aethyrs by Mitchellnolte at



St G Red Rose.

A red rose bud

blossoms in an open heart

unconditional love.



Blood red anger

bites the bile of wrong doing

to the gates of hell.


Prompt RED for Haiku Heights

Childhood Dream

Angel heart

Early Years of Fear

Why am I here ?

The recurring dark dream

A nightmarish abyss

its gaunt grey rock

spanned by a swaying rope bridge

I hung there

as the wretched rope unravelled

sending me sailing through the air

I know not where.

There was no ending

Nor memory of anything


For Victoria’s post at dVerse on childhood memories.

I remember her poem and Victoria may remember this one.