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Adam and Eve

yerka jacek_mind fields_between heaven and hell.

Trapped by the tree of knowledge,

the deed captured for posterity

in the farmhouse of the fall.

Surreal landscape and materiality of grime.

The serpent wakes and the angels weep.

In hell’s infernal oven roasts

over seasoned forbidden meat,

its stench hanging on stale air.

A perpetual reminder of balance broken.

Below the flaming sword they hang,

prisoners locked in the picture,

and the wheel of rebirth.


Picture prompt from the Mag by Tess Kincaid ‘Between Heaven and Hell’, 1989 by Jacek Yerka

Word prompt ‘Seasoned’ by Sunday Scribblings.

dVerse ‘Modern Day Mythology’





Essential to life

universal energy

charges the chakras.


Energy runs through all living things

Natural as a flowing stream gathering speed as it

Enters descent.  Or a wind that

Rages taking wrath on all in its path.

Gaia’s energy sustains the earth in its evolution and the

Yellow Ray gives the creative energy of the universe.


Prompt Energy from Sunday Scribblings


Spirits by blaumohn at




Psychologist and metaphysical adept.

Member of the Golden Dawn and later the creator of the Society of Inner Light.

Gave her life in the Magical Battle of Britain.

“The inner planes of the battle of Britain were overcrowded  with black magicians of the reversed filfot called the swastika which was draining the very consciousness of the British nation.  As the blitz flattened London our people went down the tube* each night with their bedding never knowing if their homes would still be standing next morning.

I gave everything to destroy the enemy using powers that I would not have summoned in any other circumstances.  I accept the karma for what I did for the people of Britain. A race dear to the heart of the holy grail and in earlier time the Druidid oak of spiritual knowledge. In the spirit of Avalon my essence is still alive to inspire each one of you who have the courage of our race to pursue the path of righteousness.

I was cursed by the blackness of the Nazis in my astral efforts against them.  Poisoned by them and died shortly after the war, but what I did I did knowing the risks.

Duality is very real and I share the sacrifice of my earthly life with the brave men who fought, died and survived but were marked and suffered for the rest of their earthly lives and with their wives and girlfriends who shared their suffering and worked the factories and farms in their absence to maintain a beleaguered nation.”

For dverse.

channelled from Dione Fortune who wanted prose.

*Underground or subway.

The Battle of  Britain was fought by a small group of aeroplanes over central Britain. It was a miraculous battle as the planes were made of wood and canvas and many of the men who flew them never came back to earth.

1939-1945 World War 11



The hidden self is known in the depths of the mind

yet the will can obscure its reality and reflection.

A deep knowledge raises consciousness

beyond the mundane world of the material

to another plane where everything is possible.

The place of dreams fulfilled by emotion

fashioned into thought forms with earthly vibration

that alter the face of our perception.


Picture prompt from Tess Kincaid at the Mag

Not to be Reproduced, 1937 by the Belgian surrealist René Magritte



Rattle bang wallop

clatter cupboard disgorges

metal pots and pans.


For Haiku Heights


My mother, god bless her, had a cupboard even fuller than this which she called her clatter cupboard.