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Abbey Road

Nineteen sixty nine

best selling Beatles’ Album

last recorded work


Haiku Heights April 30 prompt – ZEBRA CROSSING



Toad Hall

helen ward

Illustration by Helen Ward


“I told you so Toad” says Ratty,

“Open day was a bad idea.  Those ghastly Weasels have stolen the silver and your priceless paintings and now we are locked in the pantry whilst they escape with the loot”.

“And worse than that” says Badger ” our afternoon tea is all squashed !”

“We couldn’t put up any resistance” cried Toad “They seemed to be everywhere and they were bigger than us!”


Picture prompt from Tess Kincaid at the Mag

Sunday Scribblings prompt RESISTANT


Monasterio de Piedra

Cool rushing water

springs of mother nature

delight to behold


On the river bank

experience the kiss of

fresh, clean foaming spray


These beautiful waterfalls are in the park at the site of this medieval gothic Monastery situated in Zaragoza.  It was here the first chocolate in Spain was made by monks.  Today it is a restaurant and hotel and they grow vines for wine making.   My visit here was a real treat.  Below are some of my photographs.


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For Carpe Diem SPRING

All above pictures by Tigerbrite

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