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Magic Mouse

For Mary’s prompt at dVerse on Disney.

Sorcerer’s apprentice pleased with his power

creates an elemental to pass the hour.

In dreams  he drifts away from his spell

yet wakes to find it has taken him to hell.

The thing summoned and given life

now is relentless in giving him strife.

In the nick of time the magician returns

and thankfully the elemental is spurned.

There is a moral in this tale.

The element of water is very wet

yet fire is dire

One can be very badly burned.


September’s Song


Soft September days

show long afternoon shadows

ripe pomegranates


ripe pomegranates

moist pinkness of fresh figs

autumnal song


autumnal song

cool breeze caresses the trees

crack of carob beans


Photo by Tigerbrite

Prompt Aki Chikashi at Carpe Diem

The Way


The Way, the truth and the light

The Way, the path of the Essenes

The Way to the I AM within

The Way to suppress the ego

The Way is through the heart

The Way to know thyself

The Way to the stars

The Way to Gnosis


For Victoria’s prompt at dVerse to write a poem using Anaphora or repetition of words.


Fire Queen


Charismatic feminine power

luxuriates the passing hours

magnetic attraction transpires

we behold the goddess of fire.


Beautiful yet temperamental,

strong and bold, egotistical

supraconciousness of desire

we behold the goddess of fire.


Sudden the impulsive passion,

confident creative vision,

sizzling heat upon the pyre

we behold the goddess of fire


Monarch of the Salamanders

nature spirit elementals,

spiritual quest is inspired

we behold the goddess of fire.


Behold the Goddess of fire

consciousness of desire.

Impulsive passion, feminine power.

 Charismatic, magnetic monarch

temperamental, egotistical, irresistible.


Painting from the Magdalene Tarot by Sarah Wheatley

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