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Noddy Car

balloons 1.

Big Ears

This was not a good idea Noddy I know you wanted to decorate the car for the fair but helium balloons really.  It’s a good job we did not get inside before the thing took off.  What are we going to do now?

The Policeman

Well you’d better think of something quick before the car is swept away by the breeze to goodness knows where.


I’ve got a pea shooter in my lunchbox just wait.

A succession of bursts and bangs bring the car slowly to the ground.


Noddy breathlessly

Now what about THAT ?


Big Ears and Policeman nodding.


Picture prompt from The Mag by Tess Kincaid


Water Elemental


Spirits of fresh water,

undulating, splendour beings,

lean with long lustrous hair.

They guard the wells and ponds,

swim through streams,

linger by lakes and refresh nature.

Electrifying energy elementals.

Come thin veil of dusk

orbs of light glow in the shadows.

Above the water mist the Rade

gathers in the half light to dance

and sing their haunting songs

in intersection of two worlds.


Written for dVerse prompt ‘Water’ by Manic Daily.




Lists of things to do

Intimidate a few

Scribbled reminders or tidy

Typed A4 pages.

Show how busy we are and


Offer the reader the chance to

Finish the day with blank achievement


There will always

Have to be one item left uncrossed

In order to begin another list

Nothing on the list is idleness

Giving way to carelessness

So lists of things to do are essential to you.


For Victoria’s DVerse prompt ‘are you listing’?


Man and the Moon

Wyeth, Andrew Man and The Moon, 1990.

Drawing down the moon,

skyclad in dead of night,

gazing through reflective light.


Moon Goddess Ointment,

aroma of anointment,

lemon,  rose,  sandalwood.


The bewitching hour come,

altered consciousness  begun,

brushing my body with her hair.


Her translucent skin so fair

my weightless state as light as air

as through the portal I soar.


To find her waiting there

my Isis, Goddess of the Moon.

In ecstasy of love we pair.


Picture Man and the Moon by Andrew Wyeth 1990

Written for the Mag

and shared with dVerse poet’s pub