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Autumn equinox

beholds the inner world

psychism and spirit


Madron the healer

brings justice and freedom

time for forgiveness


Harvest of apples

containing the pentagram

passage of Venus


For Carpe Diem Risshuu – Coming of Autumn


Reptilian Rule

White Lion.


time matrix

shapeshifts our environment

to hide a wider




truth vibrations

must wrest control

release humanity’s heart consciousness



Picture “As humanity awakens, the Control System must fall”

by Neil Hague

For Victoria’s prompt at ‘Into the Bardo’ a blogazine

Trouble in Gothen City


On a dark night

downtown Gothen City

rogues gallery shows


rogues gallery shows

Joker and Poison Ivy

abroad again


abroad again

to challenge the superhero

dastardly red hood


dastardly red hood

searchlights swing to seek them out

tough night for batman


tough night for batman

and Robin but by morning

all jailbirds once more.


Prompt BAT from Haiku Heights

Elemental Chapel


At full moon the little church would emerge from beyond the veil. A chapel with a Christian cross yet also a turret that could have been part of some Germanic castle. Light would emanate from the building and strange music would drift into the night as the elementals came to dance around the grave stones.


55 Words for gman

Trapped in Time


I remember another place other than this smoky bar with the plaster peeling from the walls.  As I gaze upon this mediocrity I search for my purpose.  What lesson is there from this incarnation of poverty consciousness?  My dreams are of a better place where all is serene and bright.

Shall I meet you there?


For dVerse 55 words

Picture dhayman85 at