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Le Jardin

ernst max le jardin 1962.

Lying curled in the curve of the river water cleanses me

Ever flowing on it takes my attachments to another country

Just time to reflect on freedom from the desires of materiality

As I float in the land of dreamers, I ponder a spiritual reality

Revolving pools of energy swirl in air and water, the power of chi

Devoid of gravity I listen to the hum of Gaia’s Ohm

In supraconsciousness I look for the star of my home

Near my heart it is, but far in the cosmos I have flown.


For The Mag by Tess Kincaid and shared with dVerse

Picture le Jardin, 1962, by Max Ernst


Heliophobiac Demon


Night of enchantment

An incorporeal, supernatural spirit

shape shifts itself to an illusionary image,

a beautiful, wistful , irresistible object of desire.

Through a flickering flame the tempter titillates the prey.

The dreamlike encounter mesmerizing the mind.

Dressed to kill it lures its victim to a tryst.

In its true nature a hidden telltale tail,

fanged overbite and hooves seen

prove disempowering.


For dVerse

Inner Freedom

Eclipse of Time and Consciousness.

Seeking completion of the quest

beyond material consciousness

on the wings of the higher mind

conversation with the divine

across invisible cosmology.


The rough ashlar slowly polished

in meditation gathering knowledge

building psychic ability.

seeking completion.


Control of sensation and emotion

builds the spiritual evolution

dare to find true self within

discipline matter, free imagination

realisations carried on ether

Seeking completion.


My attempt at a Rondeau for dVerse

My Spaceship


I’m making a trip in my spaceship

it flies the night anywhere I like.

I may set off for fairyland

or a Venus beach with bright green sand


The man in the moon may beckon me

to explore green cheese earth cannot see

reflected light the other side of night

casting shadows grey and white


The heat of Mars might part its flames

and reveal its fiery serpents names

Mercury might mix a magical spell

to raise me up…   I cannot tell


Neptune’s tunes are pure delight

in the sea of stars twinkling the night

Uranus genius inspires the mind

All kind of adventures I might find.


For dVerse