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The Not Self


Our material world is a dream,

thought form reflections seen

through telepathic reception

yet the picture is deception.


What seems to us solid ground

discarnate spirits would confound

by passing through without bounds

a sea of atoms swirling round.


Our vegetable shells confine

a spark of life which is divine,

it labours here in fear and pain

through the veil of separation.


Group souls of ages past

contain essences of evolution,

love and hatred lasting,

polarity in materiality.


for dVerse where Anna explores comparison and logic


River Reverie

autumn-on-the-river-1889 john singer sargent.

Floating in a dream

dead leaves have left brown branches

The autumn chill sighs


The autumn chill sighs

for the death of summer’s song

Languid now and weak


Languid now and weak

my sap and strength departed

river reverie


Picture prompt at the Mag by Tess Kincaid

Autumn on the River, 1889, John Singer Sargent

Four Seasons


The wheel of eternity keeps turning.

As we grow old with passing seasons,

the ageless angels watch as they work

to activate the word of God spelling

balance for a world of duality.

Good focuses on refining evolution

*Opposition seeks ring chaos and diffusion.

The Ring Pass Not contains revolution.


Raphael raises yellow sun in morning air

shines from the East a crystal light of Spring.

Midday burns red fire of Summer in the South

shining Michael’s emerald green ray.

Westerly Moon reflects a silver chalice in

blue water on Gabriel’s autumnal quarter.

Dead of night at North comes Winter

Bronze shield of Auriel Archangel of Earth


* opposition or the catalyst for change


For dVerse where Victoria invites us to write about the passing of time or the Seasons.

Ode to a Red Rose


Silken petals

fold within

delicate skin

a fragrance divine.

Flower of beauty

whose sweetness shines

scarlet in moonlight

reflecting the aura

of love’s sweet song.

Tender thou art

though whose thorn

may pierce the heart.


An Ode for dVerse

Picture ‘Dramatic Red Rose’ by pinkrosebud at deviantart


Tigerbrite's Blog


Red Robin rides the Redbird

A vast vessel vanishing through dimensions

Flying faster than the speed of light,

galaxies passing like stars in the night.


Red Robin roams the Universe

Past, present and future he will traverse.

Finding far flung planets in linear time

Reporting adventures to the Universal Mind.


Red Robin searches the stars

For psychic forces to charge the brain,

Rivers of thought to empower the mind

High frequency energy to feed the future.


Red Robin has lived in the past

A professor of figures was his task

A mechanical engine he did create

But his efforts came to nought too late.


Red Robin lived on the earth

He created a computer powered by steam

Which rattled and banged in 1819

vibration virtually destroyed the machine.


Red Robin is aided by Adarithmetic

Her Bernoulli code is very slick

The first computer slipped…

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Planets, Elements and Breath


Fylfot breath of creation, reversed swastika wheel of destruction.

Air spirit and fire of the sun rule the day, moon’s kiss waters  the earth.

Mars wields the sword of destruction, Jupiter a merciful monarch.


For dVerse where a one line haiku (17 syllables) is an American Sentence.




Degas darkness double clicked

Alters photographic composition

New edges appear

Softening the image

Ever mysterious and fluid

Undulating in shadows

Secreting the background to blackness

Exquisite velvet imagination.


Picture prompt from the Mag by Tess Kincaid and shared with dVerse

Danseuse ajustant sa bretelle, 1895-96, Edgar Degas