New York at Night in Black and White

new york at night vivienne gucwa

Dead of night and enough rain to moisten the cobbles

beautiful brown stone houses we walk between

dreaming of a life where we can remain unseen

away from the gossip columns of the press

where we can disappear into the fifties

when we had power and anonymity in the city

but we know the change is coming

when we will live in our tower block

gated and guarded with views of central park.


Written for The Mag

New York at Night, Vivienne Gucwa


8 thoughts on “New York at Night in Black and White

  1. geezergirl1

    Nice… Happy New Year. I was thinking of you the other day. I wanted to thank you for all your visits to my blog. I really appreciate them.
    Peace to you in this coming year.
    love and light.

    1. tigerbrite Post author

      Great to see you and a Happy New Year back. Haven’t visited my blog emails for some time (lots of distractions and course work) but will catch up soon.
      Hope 2014 is kind to you.
      Love and light.

  2. claudia

    disappear into the fifties…that is something i would love to do… yep.. i need a time machine… def…smiles… cool take on the pic..

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