Snow Fall

wyeth andrew the mill 1964.

Stillness abides in the silence of snowflakes.

Frozen jewels of sacred geometry

reflections of the complexity of creation.

Water frozen into soft whiteness layer upon layer

transformed by the temperature of air.


Within this window burns my log fire

warming me and sending

fragrant smoke through the chimney.

Transformation of elemental energy

upon the Kingdom of Earth.


Written for the Mag picture prompt supplied by Tess Kincaid

‘The Mill’ by Andrew Wyeth


13 thoughts on “Snow Fall

  1. billgncs

    there is in a controlled fire, something that reaches deep inside us. This poem reminded me of our wood burning stove with the glass door.

  2. poetrypea

    Snow does convey silence and the best way of dealing with snow is to huddle by the fire. Lovely writing

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