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Passing Understanding



The Sun God pours light

upon revolving planets

and breathes words of comfort

on the darkness of the deep.


Incarnate souls cry out

in desperation of separation

Sparks of oneness trapped in matter

beyond the veil of imagination.


All things come from the mind of God

Thoughts the creator thinks

With our thoughts we can reach him

in sphere of mind possess our piece of God.


This piece of God once found

makes Heaven’s trumpets sound

Angels sing a joyous anthem

When souls abide with Shemesh.


Sunset photo by Tigerbrite


Dreams of Akasha

sari fabric An imaginary reclining room beside the sacred pool.  Moonlight silvers the water and lights the way within.

A yellow candle flame flickers on a carved red wood coffee table before a colourful curtained day bed.

I venture in to find her lighting incense, pale grey smoke with pungent scent. Golden thread glitters and shimmers in the rose pink silk of her sari.

Akasha, my guide and guardian sits, her hand brushing black hair from the delicate dark skin of her forehead preparing to listen to the dramas of the material world and sooth my soul.

Written for ‘colour festival’ by Abhra Pal at dVerse


sunita 2.

Raphael raises yellow sun in morning air

shines from the East a crystal light of Spring.

Midday burns red fire of Summer in the South

shining Michael’s emerald green ray.

Westerly Moon reflects a silver chalice in

blue water on Gabriel’s autumnal quarter.

Dead of night at North comes Winter

Bronze cauldron of Auriel Archangel of Earth.

Seven rays of rainbow reach through the sky

a colourful ark imitating the curve of the earth

invisible white light seen in a spectrum split

through water and resting in elemental air.


Art by Sunita Khedekar



Delicate beauty

red splendour for just a day

herbal infusion

treatment for hypertension

ancient aphrodisiac


A Tanka posted for dVerse prompt ‘a poem of 140 characters or less’ inspired by a macro picture.  Hope I got it right….

Photo by Tigerbrite


Lee Plaza Hotel, Detroit, Bonnie Beechler.

Without the shells scream

and splatter against concrete

the building trembles.


Where are the people?

in the country family

Beirut is burning.


For the picture prompt at the Mag by Tess Kincaid

Lee Plaza Hotel, Detroit, photo by Bonnie Beechler

Lion King

Henri Rousseau the-sleeping-gypsy-1897.

Rescued from incarceration in King Darius’ Den

and the laws of the Medes and Persians

Daniel’s devoted lion watches over him

sleeping in his coat of many colours.

Lion loves his freedom with the wandering minstrel.

The clay jar gave succulent sips of wine

Lion has filled it with water divine.


The picture is from The Mag by Tess Kincaid and offered to dVerse open night.