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Ancient flowering tree

pollinated by beetles

genus of hundreds


Carpe Diem prompt and photo Magnolia




Lotus flowering

fragrance on the summer breeze

blossom in my heart


For Carpe Diem a distillation of this poem by Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941)


On the day when the lotus bloomed, alas, my mind was straying, and I knew it not. My basket was empty and the flower remained unheeded.

Only now and again a sadness fell upon me, and I started up from my dream and felt a sweet trace of a strange fragrance in the south wind.

That vague sweetness made my heart ache with longing and it seemed to me that is was the eager breath of the summer seeking for its completion.

I knew not then that it was so near, that it was mine, and that this perfect sweetness had blossomed in the depth of my own heart.

Image sourced from Google artist unknown


Fiesole View

Beautiful Florence

photographed from Fiesole

Tuscan capital

Trattoria Zá Zá

Best Trattoria

Za Za recipies delight

ambience assured

Florence River

Arno river flood

in winter devastation

photo last Summer


For Carpe Diem photographing and shared with dVerse

Photos by Tigerbrite


Steam Train

Steam train.

The screaming monster hisses steam

like flames from a dragon’s mouth

Coal thrown furiously into a flaming furnace.

A whistle to frighten the hound of hell.

The Guard clicks the carriage doors

climbs in the van with a wave his flag .


Shoo      shoo      shoo      shoo

shoo      shoo      shoo      shoo


We leave the smoky station behind

passing sidings, warehouses and coal wagons

the grubby back gardens of terraced houses

billowing smoke to merge with the smog

clinging to the tiles of Birmingham city.


clickety clack      clickety clack      clickety clack


A long dark tunnel frightening and black

the windows sticking smuts from the engine

To distract my terror Mum hands me a toffee

I struggle to open the striped wrapper

pulling away until the treat is revealed

and daylight returns into green country.


clickety clack      clickety clack      clickety clack


Now there is a huge hill, the train stops

there is banging and clanging

whilst a second engine buffers the back

that whistle again to pierce the ears

motion returns.






And down the other side


clickety clack      clickety clack      clickety clack


Countryside and cows chewing cud

farm houses, fields and hedgerows

buttercups, daisies and dandelions

buildings once more

and Chesterfield’s twisted steeple.

Not long now sweetheart we’re nearly there

Sheffield city of steel.


Memories of a steam train journey with my mother from Bath in Somerset via a change of train in Birmingham to see my Grandmother in Sheffield, it took a whole day in the early 1950s.  The engine looked a lot bigger than the one in the picture but I suppose everything does when you are four.

The Guard’s Van was at the back of the train and where the bikes and large luggage were taken.  The Guard was responsible for the safe departure of the train.  He had a red and white flag.  Red for danger to the driver and white for safe to depart.

For dVerse Rhythm of the Road


Soen Nakagawa


The challenge from Carpe Diem to write a haiku in the same vein as the first one by Soen Nakagawa

Endless is my vow

under the azure sky

boundless autumn


Life dedication

completion of the great work

soul in nature


Painting by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law