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Planet Cyberluz

Mary Magdelene.

Divine feminine

restoring balance to earth

through hearts of people


The home of the Black Warriors, exists in another dimension and remains shrouded in mystery.  It is the planet of knowledge.  Here lies the secret of generation and re-generation and the key to the manifestation of all things.  High in the heavens, close to the throne of glory, is a storage house of divine light from source.  Cyberluz guards the gateway to the negative elements but is hidden from the forces of darkness that would disrupt the work of the Warriors.  This storehouse of abundance can be accessed through unconditional love by every soul in the Universe.

Our fearless Warriors are androgynous, highly evolved beings and, because they have the qualities of both male and female, are completely balanced.

Since the conference at Moon Centre, Emperor Sirius, Regent of Cyberluz and his warriors have been working on the mission to save planet earth by offering a Temple of Light.  It will be hidden in another dimension out of reach of the undeveloped mind which has become self-centred of heart where they should be God centered.

Those who reach out to spirit will visualise a place of complete beauty, it will radiate God’s love to them whatever their religion or lack of it.  Each person’s personal temple is unique, constructed from their thought forms, woven with divine love and accessed through the love of an open heart.

Once through the door of the temple of their imagination, their higher spiritual self will receive attunement to a more powerful energy frequency, allowing the divine feminine to enter the mind of man.  People’s vibratory rate will be increased with each visit to their temple.  They will gain wisdom and grow in spiritual understanding until they are able to see through the veil to the Celestial Temple.  They will learn to manifest the gifts of the universe, access Akasha on demand and use the information stored there to enhance their lives and heal Gaia.

The Celestial Temple of Light on planet Cyberluz appears empty except for reflections of the four holy living creatures.   Spirit of the Shekinah  stands alone at the altar preparing to say the monumental words of power releasing universal music with a mighty frequency of the Holy Spirit into the ether and herald the dawn of a New Age.


Bjorn at dVerse invites us to share a haibun

Image ‘Mary Magdalene and the Holy Grail’ from Sacred Images at Mount Shasta.





On the astral plane

spirit clings to earthly life

in etheric form


For Carpe Diem prompt Ghost

Dog Sofa

dog sofa

Sepia colours

and comfy sofa cover

with beloved dog

shades of the nineteen fifties

sprung to the computer age.


Photo by Terri Windling

Prompt at The Mag by Tess Kincaid