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Bewitched by Da Da Land


In quiet country

Through a winding way I went

and found a broken castle

with round turned turrets

the drawbridge dropped

bidding me enter Da Da land


I vaguely heard the music of a harp,

a maiden singing songs of strange passion

causing the curling of my toes

I sought out this princess’s voice

through a wide hall into a passage.

A metallic noise halted my mission

a knight in armour clattered

towards me with terrible intent.

After me with an axe he was bent.


I fled in terror but the drawbridge was drawing

my only escape into the mote below

deep through water and weed I went

until I spied a door in the bank

through here a stone staircase wound down

into the bowels of middle earth

where reptilians pored over parchments

of plans for a new world order.

Near me at the foot of the steps

I saw the escape chain


to finish the fantasy.


Written for Victoria’s prompt at dVerse.


Illustration ‘Fantasy Castle’ byezuke on Deviant Art




Venice and Cruise 140

Texture of Turkish coffee

powdery and pungent

lingers on the tongue

amongst the smells of spices

and noise of barter in the bazaar.

Barefoot in the Great Blue Mosque

between the canto call to prayers.


Court of the Ottoman Empire

From the Topkapi Palace we view

Bosphorus Strait from the golden canopy.

Smooth  beautiful burnished metal.

Sacred geometry in intricate patterns

forming flowers and  friezes

of tiny tiles on walls, floors and ceilings.


Istanbul, the only city in the world to be built on two continents, Europe and Asia. Byzantium history and centre of the Ottoman Empire.

First photo by Tigerbrite second by our guide at the Topkapi Palace.

Posted for Victoria’s prompt ‘Texture’ on The Bardo Group

and shared with dVerse.

Venice and Cruise 146


21 June 2013 017

Soft breeze caressing

warm sunshine dancing on waves

copa del vino


Copa del vino

favourite chiringuito

pleasure of summer


 Our favourite beach bar called ‘Mintt’ is a relaxing idyll

Written for Carpe Diem weekly haiku.


Words Fail Me See Sketch

group mind.

Consciousness thought forms

telepathic energy

brings ideas to mind


Group mind shares ideas

fired with enthusiasm

emotion runs high


Words of ritual

contain the ceremony

working the magic


For dVerse ‘When words fail’

Image source unknown