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Creation of Blood and Bone

creation of blood and bones

Vision of Splendour

Balanced form of divine creation coming to fruition.

The mental body in Mercury creates the Etheric template

A framework to bind the molecules which will form the human body.

The Architect of the Universe designs His plans on the plane of archetypes

Archangel Michael and his Sons of the Gods penetrate the astral

ensouling the incarnate through the reflective light of the moon.

Gabriel and The Strong see consciousness projected into matter

entering the physical world with no memory of spiritual purpose.


For Grace’s prompt at dVerse.  Please check out this stunning artwork by Brooke Shaden


Night Flight

witch fine art america.

The white witch whistles by on her broomstick

a fragrance of flying ointment fills the air

and fuels her ascent to the world of coincidence

where anything ethereal is possible.


The moon shines brightly lighting the astral

where thought forms willow and wallow

in hazy half revealed wisps of wonder

wandering in and out of imagination.


Day as long as night at Autumn equinox

what might this reveal in Pandora’s box?

Secrets locked out of reach of matter

or a thanksgiving spell for the right of Mabon.


Chill fills the air as autumn approaches

ripe fruit on tree of life branches

whilst inner life lives deliver their secrets

to those with psychic second sight.


For Tony Maude’s Nonsense Poems at dVerse

Image from fine art America

Owl, Pussycat and Piggy

Owl and Pussycat

Pussycat’s wet paws

reveal a leak on return

from land of Bong tree


Owl hoots in panic

as water engulfs guitar

and honey jar.


Pea green boat sinking

Owl and Pussycat swimming

towing the guitar


Ahoy! Cries Piggy

from his fast catamaran

I brought you a line


So glad of rescue

they scramble aboard to dine

on pilchards in wine.


Apologies to Edward Lear and the traditional haiku

For Tony Maude’s prompt at dVerse to write a nonsense poem.