The Book of Dead Man


Life is death

the dead man said

in separation of spirit

the spark

inhabits the corporeal

an anguished ordeal

of aging flesh.


Dreams of death

in fleshless flight

pass the night

in freedom

yet caught by a

silver thread

at the dawning of morning


Astral adventures

confined to consciousness

of the etheric body

which roams the realms

of spiritual light

in Akasha where

all things are absorbed.


For Grace’s prompt at dVerse


7 thoughts on “The Book of Dead Man

  1. Grace

    Life is death, opening verse is striking to me ~
    I had a near astral experience before but I remember that you have to go back to your own body, like a silver thread connecting the flesh to earth ~
    For the aging flesh, I can imagine the freedom to roam the realms of the universe ~

    Thanks for linking up with D’verse and wishing you happy week ~

  2. brian miller

    life is death….nice opening…and really like the second stanza…the flying free of the body at night only to be pulled back by that silvery thread come first light….

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