Dali Angel of Port Lligat.

Raphael raises yellow sun in morning air

shines from the East a crystal light of Spring.

Midday burns red fire of Summer in the South

shining Michael’s Emerald Ray.

Westerly Moon reflects a silver chalice in

blue water on Gabriel’s autumnal quarter.

Dead of night at North comes Winter Green

Bronze cauldron of Auriel Archangel of Earth.


Seven rays of rainbow reach through the sky

a colourful ark imitating the curve of the earth

invisible white light seen in a spectrum split

through water and resting in elemental air.


For Bjorn’s prompt at dVerse

Four Elements, Four Quarters, Four Archangels forever present but usually unseen.

Angel of Port Lligat by Dali


5 thoughts on “Elements

  1. brian miller

    really cool use of color in this…
    it is that last stanza though that brings it all together…
    i like the use of ark instead of arc
    and what allows us to see them….

  2. Victoria C. Slotto

    I am aware of the four directions and the Angels, Blessings, colors that they symbolize. For me there have been times when this is a powerful induction into prayer. In reality, I think there is such a correlation between our experience on earth and the divine. Look at how so many spiritual traditions have made this a part of their understanding.

    Re: your comment on my blog–there is so much mystery surrounding afterlife, in between lifetimes. I’m Catholic but tend to think that the concept of purgatory as it was defined for me is, perhaps, played out in reincarnation. And we do have lessons to learn, so it makes sense that we may have a choice in how we learn them. I’m grateful that I have had an opportunity to delve into many spiritual traditions (such as the mystical Kabbalah) as they have enriched my understanding of the path I’ve chosen to walk once more, as I’ve aged..

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