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Dolores Cannon, A Tribute


Sad news to have lost this spiritual teacher

Author of mind blowing books offering us

insights into the origin of earth and its inhabitants

from subjects of reincarnation under hypnosis.

Souls returned to planet earth who lived with the Essenes,

knew the Christ and told the truth of his life and mission.

Sparks of God within us all should wonder at her achievement

and pass on the knowledge she brought us.



Posted for dVerse where Mary invites us to write about news.

I would like to spread the news of Dolores’ work which seeks to bring us nearer Earth ascension.



Valley of the Shadow of Death


Here lies the entrance to the otherworld, an ancient underground city beside the lake of fire.

Lit by fine crystalline spheres the corridors stretch for miles, yet in the ‘solitary chamber’

a single candle flickers on the reflections of the neophyte dressed in white.

Meditations of metempsychosis give way to the doorway of the Tree of Life.

In a shift of time he passes the Guardian of the Gate to see symbols of the Sun, Moon and Blazing Star.

Within the ‘chamber of death’ his master teacher guides his transformation of flesh to radiant energy.

Concentration of breath relaxes the cell-body and the spirit finds its Divine atom.

In possession of this seed a near death experience allows the exploration of higher realms.

Three days and three nights amongst the heavenly world bestow brilliance of spirit,

then he is raised from the dead before dawn to bathe in the Sunrays of a new morning.


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Psychologist and metaphysical adept.

Member of the Golden Dawn and later the creator of the Society of Inner Light.

Gave her life in the Magical Battle of Britain.

“The inner planes of the battle of Britain were overcrowded  with black magicians of the reversed filfot called the swastika which was draining the very consciousness of the British nation.  As the blitz flattened London our people went down the tube* each night with their bedding never knowing if their homes would still be standing next morning.

I gave everything to destroy the enemy using powers that I would not have summoned in any other circumstances.  I accept the karma for what I did for the people of Britain. A race dear to the heart of the holy grail and in earlier time the Druidid oak of spiritual knowledge. In the spirit of Avalon my essence is still alive to inspire each one of you who have the courage of our race to pursue the path of righteousness.

I was cursed by the blackness of the Nazis in my astral efforts against them.  Poisoned by them and died shortly after the war, but what I did I did knowing the risks.

Duality is very real and I share the sacrifice of my earthly life with the brave men who fought, died and survived but were marked and suffered for the rest of their earthly lives and with their wives and girlfriends who shared their suffering and worked the factories and farms in their absence to maintain a beleaguered nation.”

For dverse.

channelled from Dione Fortune who wanted prose.

*Underground or subway.

The Battle of  Britain was fought by a small group of aeroplanes over central Britain. It was a miraculous battle as the planes were made of wood and canvas and many of the men who flew them never came back to earth.

1939-1945 World War 11

Mind Over Matter

I have been struggling with the concept of illness, pain and suffering.  If we believe in a God of love why does he allow suffering?  If we consider ourselves good, considerate people why is it we come up against difficulties or accidents when those who clearly are not considerate and loving get away with behaviour we would never dream of inflicting on others?  They may seem fine in their present life but they are building a debt of karma that must be paid.

If we don’t believe in a loving God, then we can blame him for every bad thing that happens instead of pealing off the layers and taking a good long look at the reason for living.

There is a school of thought that says “all illness starts in the mind”, yet how can this be?  I suppose if we expect to be ill then we almost certainly will be.  But when we want to be well and get on with a useful life, why do we suffer?

If we believe in a life after death, then we could perhaps consider the possibility of re-incarnation.  A series of lives the Evolutionary Personality chooses to experience every aspect of life on this planet (and maybe other planets too).  Consider our present lifetime experiences recorded in the Incarnationary Personality and passed on to the Evolutionary Personality on death.

Once back ‘on the other side’ in spirit, we examine the lessons of our lifetime and whether the plan of the past incarnation has been completed satisfactorily.  If we have experienced the issues we chose to experience, after a period of rest,  we can plan another lifetime of learning with different issues until the Logoidal Plan is completed.  If the last incarnation ended without learning the lessons we chose then we must return time after time until the lesson is learned.

‘As above so below’ we have the same atoms as the Universe itself.  When the Logoidal Plan is completed in our Evolutionary Personality we can choose to move on to higher realms or stay with the Earth to help others to ascension.

Earth is the planet many souls choose to experience because of its many opportunities.   But life is so difficult here because we lose our contact with source.  When we are born we go through the ‘veil of forgetting’ and lose touch with spirit.  We believe that Earth is the only reality when in fact it is a hologram.  Our life here on earth is just a tiny part of what we are.  Our earth bodies are vibrating, renewing molecules within a magnetic framework and our intellectual consciousness extends beyond the material.

We are reaching a shift in vibrations on planet earth.  Gradually, over some years we shall be vibrating at a higher frequency, allowing truth and spirit vibrations into the atmosphere giving us access to the light.  An opportunity for spiritual consciousness in a world of matter will be created.



We just sat on the edge of the water

sipping Pouilly-Fuissé.

He had come for me

to drag me from my melancholy,

reliving the horror of loss.

The afternoon shifted in wine and sunshine

and my heart began to feel lighter.

Though the vision in the water

was not mine but his, buried long ago,

and at last laid to rest.


Written for The Mag



From an Account of this Signaller’s Wartime Experiences on the D Day Landings, France.

“There was a cafe by the bridge and a woman was serving refreshments to the engineers and paratroopers who were repairing the bridge under German fire.

I parked the Jeep and crossed the lane to the farmhouse where I found Lord Lovat and his staff.  I told him the French Commando were on the way and asked if I could transmit the position of his forward troops.  He nodded to his staff Captain who pointed out the positions on a wall map.  I took down the references.

When I got back to the Jeep Jimmy had established contact with Divship but couldn’t raise Portsdown.  Looking at a nearby tree I ran a wire and made an inverted L aerial to give us more power and set to work coding the message.  We used Slidex Code.  It was a chart with two co-ordinates.  Some of the cross-references spelled out whole words or useful phrases.  The Germans could break this code by guessing all the cross-references so the chart was changed frequently.  We sent the message and received an acknowledgement.  We did not know what a huge effect this had at Portsdown.  It was the first news they had received from the landings”.

184 Brigade Signals 1940-1946


14 February 2010 RIP

Farewell dear father

on your journey to the dimension of light.

Follow your star as it leads you to the Kingdom of God

where there are no more cares to burden your path.

Stardust lights the steps of Jacob’s Ladder

and angels greet you as you ascend the winding staircase in silence,

light as air, like the gliders at Pegasus Bridge.

Flesh cast aside, the way is clear to the comfortable home prepared for you.

A wisp of light once more, you traverse the wondrous universe

where the architect awaits you.

In the twinkling of the night sky kaleidoscopic visions

form mesmerizing memories from beyond the veil.

No life of ease you asked for but the opportunity of human days

and freewill to feed the soul as you gently touched the beauty of the earth.

Farewell dear father.  God’s speed to the place of perfect peace.


Picture.  My father on his Wedding Day in England July 1947.


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