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kelsey hannah.


often brings disappointment

expecting too much


Going with the flow

on waves of the universe



 Carpe Diem Prompt Expectation

Magpie Tales photo by Kelsey Hannah



Lee Plaza Hotel, Detroit, Bonnie Beechler.

Without the shells scream

and splatter against concrete

the building trembles.


Where are the people?

in the country family

Beirut is burning.


For the picture prompt at the Mag by Tess Kincaid

Lee Plaza Hotel, Detroit, photo by Bonnie Beechler

Lion King

Henri Rousseau the-sleeping-gypsy-1897.

Rescued from incarceration in King Darius’ Den

and the laws of the Medes and Persians

Daniel’s devoted lion watches over him

sleeping in his coat of many colours.

Lion loves his freedom with the wandering minstrel.

The clay jar gave succulent sips of wine

Lion has filled it with water divine.


The picture is from The Mag by Tess Kincaid and offered to dVerse open night.


Snow Fall

wyeth andrew the mill 1964.

Stillness abides in the silence of snowflakes.

Frozen jewels of sacred geometry

reflections of the complexity of creation.

Water frozen into soft whiteness layer upon layer

transformed by the temperature of air.


Within this window burns my log fire

warming me and sending

fragrant smoke through the chimney.

Transformation of elemental energy

upon the Kingdom of Earth.


Written for the Mag picture prompt supplied by Tess Kincaid

‘The Mill’ by Andrew Wyeth

The Cello

Doisneau Robert Musican in the Rain


How I love him

tender touch on my bow

between his legs I know

his fingers caressing my strings

it makes my heart sing

with melody intense and lingering.

embraced with the comfort of this case

I lie in languid contentment.


Written for The Mag and shared with dVerse open link

Picture ‘Musician in the Rain’ by Robert Doisneau

New York at Night in Black and White

new york at night vivienne gucwa

Dead of night and enough rain to moisten the cobbles

beautiful brown stone houses we walk between

dreaming of a life where we can remain unseen

away from the gossip columns of the press

where we can disappear into the fifties

when we had power and anonymity in the city

but we know the change is coming

when we will live in our tower block

gated and guarded with views of central park.


Written for The Mag

New York at Night, Vivienne Gucwa

Ice Cave

the-ice-cutters 1911 Natalia Goncharova.

Carefully cut ice

precise like building blocks

precious preserver


Precious preserver

stored in mountain ice caves

awaiting summer


Awaiting summer

when mules labour to the coast

to bring fresh fishes


Image The Ice Cutters, 1911, Natalia Goncharova

This picture immediately reminded me of the Ice Caves found near the mountain villages in this part of Spain.  I have explored one of them in Vall de Gallinera, no sunlight ever penetrated. They stored ice for Summer and would still have been in use into the 1950s as there was no electricity in these remote areas.