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Planet Cyberluz

Mary Magdelene.

Divine feminine

restoring balance to earth

through hearts of people


The home of the Black Warriors, exists in another dimension and remains shrouded in mystery.  It is the planet of knowledge.  Here lies the secret of generation and re-generation and the key to the manifestation of all things.  High in the heavens, close to the throne of glory, is a storage house of divine light from source.  Cyberluz guards the gateway to the negative elements but is hidden from the forces of darkness that would disrupt the work of the Warriors.  This storehouse of abundance can be accessed through unconditional love by every soul in the Universe.

Our fearless Warriors are androgynous, highly evolved beings and, because they have the qualities of both male and female, are completely balanced.

Since the conference at Moon Centre, Emperor Sirius, Regent of Cyberluz and his warriors have been working on the mission to save planet earth by offering a Temple of Light.  It will be hidden in another dimension out of reach of the undeveloped mind which has become self-centred of heart where they should be God centered.

Those who reach out to spirit will visualise a place of complete beauty, it will radiate God’s love to them whatever their religion or lack of it.  Each person’s personal temple is unique, constructed from their thought forms, woven with divine love and accessed through the love of an open heart.

Once through the door of the temple of their imagination, their higher spiritual self will receive attunement to a more powerful energy frequency, allowing the divine feminine to enter the mind of man.  People’s vibratory rate will be increased with each visit to their temple.  They will gain wisdom and grow in spiritual understanding until they are able to see through the veil to the Celestial Temple.  They will learn to manifest the gifts of the universe, access Akasha on demand and use the information stored there to enhance their lives and heal Gaia.

The Celestial Temple of Light on planet Cyberluz appears empty except for reflections of the four holy living creatures.   Spirit of the Shekinah  stands alone at the altar preparing to say the monumental words of power releasing universal music with a mighty frequency of the Holy Spirit into the ether and herald the dawn of a New Age.


Bjorn at dVerse invites us to share a haibun

Image ‘Mary Magdalene and the Holy Grail’ from Sacred Images at Mount Shasta.



Reptilian Rule

White Lion.


time matrix

shapeshifts our environment

to hide a wider




truth vibrations

must wrest control

release humanity’s heart consciousness



Picture “As humanity awakens, the Control System must fall”

by Neil Hague

For Victoria’s prompt at ‘Into the Bardo’ a blogazine

Empress of Venus


Sparkling Sapphire

Venus star conduit

Astrae Disciple


Cytherea will convene her court shortly so she begins to robe.  Her colourful gown is made from rich purple velvet, around the hem and cuffs is a border of pomegranates.  She has a full figure and her long hair is the colour of ripened corn.  She fastens a necklace of emeralds and rubies about her neck and reaches for the Empress’ headdress mounted with twelve gold and silver stars and studded with sparkling sapphires.   The deep blue sapphires promote peace and stimulate expansion of psychic awareness; they are also protective and healing.  In her hand is the Lotus Wand of Isis, the flower represents the feminine power and its stem the masculine giving balance.

The court is being convened to discuss the Galactic Council’s request that female Venus energy should be sent to earth by focusing a powerful beam on the planet from the moon.  The female force must be invoked to soften the patriarchal power present on earth.   Cytheria´s brief is that polarity between the two energies should be achieved before the Galactic Council’s plan to save planet earth is set in motion.

The court of Venus is lit by torches set on Corinthian columns at either side of a raised dais.  The throne, which is richly upholstered in red, gold and blue, is covered with multi-coloured silken cushions.  There are similar, smaller chairs around the room where her council are seated.  Near to the throne is the Cauldron of the Great Mother in which the ingredients of the deliberations will be mixed to bring forth a sacred, purified result.

The Councilors rise as the Empress enters.  She walks to the throne, bows to the council and they all take their seats.

“My friends, I bring you greetings from the court of Luna, Moon Goddess, there I met the Regents who were convened to decide on a plan to save planet earth.  Luna would like you to see the events which took place at the meeting of the Council so they are recorded in this moon viewer.”

Her lady in waiting carries the sphere shaped viewer and sets it down on a stand amongst the council; it shines with a silver light as the pictures are projected around its full 360 degrees.  The Councilors appreciate all that took place at Moon Centre and are anxious to help.   They know that energy is never exhausted, simply exchanged and agree to send Venus energy to charge planet earth and restore cosmic balance.  The energy will be sent via the bright morning and evening star, it will be a guiding light to open new horizons for the people of the material world.

“Councillors, as you have seen, the chosen disciples will go to moon centre at the time of the next full moon.  The High Priestess Chrislite at the Galactic Council has asked that one of us should join her mission to save Earth.  This is an important opportunity for one of us to gain experience and attain spiritual progress by working in the material.”

The court agrees that the young woman Astrae should be nominated for the mission.

As the Empress’ eyes meet Astrae’s she says:

“Please come forward”

Astrae walks to the platform and kneels before the Empress.

“Are you willing to be a disciple of the High Priestess Chrislite?”

“Yes Empress, I wish to serve.”

“I would explain that you must sojourn on planet earth, you will need all your courage and determination to deal with this descent into the world of matter.”

“I am aware of the difficulties of the material plane and that it will place great demands on me, but I am willing to face them.  The discipleship is an important role and the council honour me with this opportunity.  I am the youngest here and I did not expect to be chosen.”

“Well Astrae, Star Sapphire, you have a great challenge before you.  May you succeed in your endeavours and gather knowledge to further your advancement.  Please rise.   I give you this wand of Isis, which represents the balance of male and female energy.  It is like my own wand and we shall consecrate it as your personal talisman.  I hand you this gold and silver star with a sapphire in the centre.  It is reminiscent of the stars on the Empress’ headdress.  It will remind you of Venus and that you are the special envoy of the Empress.  It is like the star that will send the beam of energy from Venus.  The angel Haniel has charged your star by the grace of God and it has very special powers.  It is a part of Venus that will be with you throughout your ministry on earth.  Keep your star with you always, for you will be able to communicate with me directly through it.  The star carries the power of the Goddess to nourish the earth.  She is the Divine Mother of cosmic balance and on the material plane she balances the four elements earth, fire, water and air. The earth and water nurtures the people of the planet and the air of the sky contains the cosmic fire of the stars.  Yet there is a fifth element that of spirit and this is the purpose of your mission.

As you know, the stars have much symbolism the people on earth should understand.  A six pointed star is divided into two triangles; the upward pointing one is called the celestial triangle. The lower pointing one is the ethical triangle, which points down to the astral plane; beyond this is the earth, the place of the material.  If you imagine this star positioned at the heart of man it is symbolically at the energy centre in the human body where the celestial meets the material, the heart.  So it is possible that man can find perfect love in their hearts if they keep themselves open to receive from the spirit world.   This is your ministry Astrae.  If mankind lets go of the fear, self-centeredness and greed that has been fostered by the Watchers, they will open up to the universe and their lives will be transformed.  Tell God’s children that the universe will sustain and cherish them.  When they accept this, planet earth will surely be saved and mankind will be free.

It is appropriate that you will travel to the moon by way of a seven-pointed star.  On the material plane this represents the unity of all people with the trinity; the seven elements of earth, air, fire, water, life, light, and magic as well as the seven directions north, south, east, west, above, below, within.  It is also known as the Star of the Seven Sisters.  Your star vehicle will be programmed to enter moon center through the crater that represents the seventh gate associated with Venus.  This is a mission of mercy on which you travel.

I give you blessings, my child.  Know that we will all be sending you love and support.  Tomorrow when we meet in the Temple of Venus we shall dedicate your Wand of Isis.  Afterwards you will spend some time with me alone to prepare you for your mission.  We must not delay, for we need to be ready before the moon is full.”

Not So Sweet

Sugar Mice.

Sugar the pallet

addictive pleasure provides

empty calories


Empty calories

lurk in processed food and drink

cause of diseases


causes of diseases

no nutritional value

increased body fat


Six million West Africans were enslaved in the West Indies for the production of Sugar Cane making vast sums of money for the plantation owners and bringing cheap sugar to the european market.  The result a population addicted to sugar.

Picture from BBC History archive.




Narnia unfolds

new energy in the world

detach from drama.



 discovering the power

of intuition


 The world we see is

an electric hologram

vibrating atoms.



Prompt Intuition

re-post of the first haiku with two more added

Picture credit His Majesty by Miller at

Ancient Knowledge

a  themetapicture_com earth-map-tattoo.

Before the South Pole was covered with ice

it was mapped to exactitude by explorers.

How could this cartography have been

and how did they calculate precise

latitude and longitude when the chronometer

was not invented until 1770?

Ancient source documents suggest

an advanced technology beyond history

lost to the world in a cataclysmic event.


Read more in ‘Fingerprints of the Gods’ by Graham Hancock.

Picture prompt from Tess Kindcaid at The Mag


The Illusion of Time



We live in a hologram projected from Saturn and the Moon which blocks our consciousness from the cosmic reality.

Existing in a cyclical time warp dictated by the speed of light, we are trapped in our illusion of sensory perception and enslaved by an elite reptilian race that feeds us misinformation and traps us in debt.

Believe not in prophecy of disaster for it is manufactured disaster to keep our vibrations low and close our hearts with fear.

An open heart of love will reveal our superconsciousness and raise our vibrational energy so that we are in harmony with the earth.

The ascended masters are helping us to break out of our prison of illusion by sending truth vibrations which we can receive if we open our hearts to love, once the love vibrations flow the planet will be filled with happiness and we shall dance in freedom instead of being trapped in the slavery of a new world order.


Picture credit below and link to more of Neil’s work.

Learn about the elite rulers here

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