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Fruit of Knowledge

Cassatt, Mary young-woman-picking-the-fruit-of-knowledge-1892.

Sweet and sour taste

soft and tender texture

trickling of juice


Fuzzy vision,

strange heady perception

of seeing through things


Scent beyond nowhere

the other side of dreams

the grand scheme of things


floating in space

transcending reality

The I AM within


Picture prompt from Tess Kincaid at The Mag – Young Woman Picking the Fruit of Knowledge, 1892 by Mary Cassatt.


Sunday Scribblings word prompt – FUZZY


This is a ditty my mother used to sing to me, I don’t know where it came from….

Fuzzy wuzzy wuz a bear

fuzzy wuzzy had no hair

Fuzzy wuzzy wasn’t fuzzy wuz he ?





Essential to life

universal energy

charges the chakras.


Energy runs through all living things

Natural as a flowing stream gathering speed as it

Enters descent.  Or a wind that

Rages taking wrath on all in its path.

Gaia’s energy sustains the earth in its evolution and the

Yellow Ray gives the creative energy of the universe.


Prompt Energy from Sunday Scribblings


Spirits by blaumohn at


In Search of Paradise



What is Paradise?

The joy of living or is it heaven?

What is heaven?

The garden of Eden before the fall,

Earth’s hologram without the pall.

A celestial temple in the clouds,

 the cauldron of Venus.

The dark side of the moon

or what’s behind the green door.

The child within your heart

knows the star you came from.


Prompt PARADISE from sunday Scribblings


Picture ‘Sun and Moon’ by Froggy Chan at Deviant Art.


Hands of Light


Healing hands channel

Energy from the Universal Life Force

Always available to bring

Light to our lives.


Reiki is a Japanese word for Universal Life Energy.  Practitioners are attuned to the Reiki Ray to channel this healing energy through themselves to others by hands-on, aura  or distance healing.  Reiki heals not only humans but animals and plant life as well.

Everyone has the latent ability to heal with this system which uses the energy from which everything on this planet is made.


Prompt HEAL from Sunday Scribblings.


‘Hands of Light’ is the title of a book by Barbara Ann Brennan – A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field.