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The Fool


The beginning and the end is naught

In the depths of consciousness

something new is sought.


A flower is alive within the seed

Earth, air and water will see it sprout

in the warmth and light of Spring.


Sun rises from the nadir

A new loop in the spiral of eternity

ensouls a spark with the lust for life.


It surges forward without fear

in the bright sunshine of a new day

unaware of the dark precipice.


The abyss that awaits foolishness

and swallows the careless intentions

of the incarnate.


Tread carefully for the shells

of materiality are hidden in duality

moulds making a false trail.


The womb and the tomb await

the return of the wandering soul

seeking  enlightenment.


The Tarot Cards of Sarah Wheatley

See them here


Tower of Babel

The Tower


Ivory tower

high, mighty and haughty

Bolt of lightening

strikes the fortress of the mind

destruction brings liberation


For Carpe Diem prompt IVORY

The Thoth Tarot was painted by Lady Frieda Harris

under the direction of Aleister Crowley.

In his Book of Thoth he describes the deck as the Egyptian Tarot.

Silent Heart

The Sun.

Sun King’s smile

bestows a silent blessing

for the open hearted


For the open hearted

illumination shines

golden like the Sun


Golden like the Sun

the beautiful temple

vision of harmony


Vision of harmony

Devotion to Great Work

rose cross sacrifice


For Carpe Diem – Silent Heart

The Tower

Tarot tower.

Fortress of the mind

desire and willpower

here are confined


Castle of ambition

high, mighty and haughty



Bolt of lightening

tears down the tower of fear

ignorance consumed


Broken prejudice

collapse of expectation

brings liberation


A new horizon

shines in the glow of sunbeams

light of a new day


Carpe Diem – Willpower


Card from the Magdalene Tarot by Sarah Wheatley


Sarah’s description of this card.

“Building a tower to try and reach heaven is a blasphemy punished by the inability to understand or empathize with each other (BABEL). Blowing apart the Tower and destroying the rigid and limiting structures of the mind allows a reunion with the group soul, from which all energy derives. Its a mistake to think God (energy) is out there or up there when in fact it is inside us all. When the mind is blown (flushed clean by a strong flow of energy) it is possible to see and feel that life force moving through us and through everything.

Artificial structures (the physical manifestations of the hive mind) are built to control and contain the individual. They are symbols of a temporal power that has cut itself off from its true source and so is inherently doomed.

The Tower is a frightening card on a grand scale, speaking of war and destruction and the all seeing control of those who lust for power. But on the personal level it is quite a helpful glyph showing the means by which a mind may escape the prison of its own construction. A mind that has liberated itself cannot be controlled by anyone. And the eye then becomes a symbol for the awakened all seeing consciousness.

The Dove and the Serpent are symbolic of the dual nature of energy (which is also love). There can be no ecstasy without agony, and intense suffering increases the ability to heal and feel joy. Everything comes in waves, up and down.”

“Nor let the fools mistake love; for there are love and love.  There is the dove, and there is the serpent.  Choose ye well.”

–Aleister Crowley,  The Book of the Law, 57

Waters of Life


Consider the consciousness of the deep,

where every thought ever thought sleeps.

Moon’s magic reflects the memory store

No right, no wrong, just thoughts galore.


Within the shell she holds them

 cast with inner light and visionary sight

interpreter of dreams from a thousand nights

Wisdom of the Sphinx and Queen of Nymphs


On the dark side of the moon

hidden pools of healing energy

obey the ruler of unconscious soul power

as she absorbs the sea of experience


Painting from the Magdalene Tarot by Sarah Wheatley