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Degas darkness double clicked

Alters photographic composition

New edges appear

Softening the image

Ever mysterious and fluid

Undulating in shadows

Secreting the background to blackness

Exquisite velvet imagination.


Picture prompt from the Mag by Tess Kincaid and shared with dVerse

Danseuse ajustant sa bretelle, 1895-96, Edgar Degas


Le Jardin

ernst max le jardin 1962.

Lying curled in the curve of the river water cleanses me

Ever flowing on it takes my attachments to another country

Just time to reflect on freedom from the desires of materiality

As I float in the land of dreamers, I ponder a spiritual reality

Revolving pools of energy swirl in air and water, the power of chi

Devoid of gravity I listen to the hum of Gaia’s Ohm

In supraconsciousness I look for the star of my home

Near my heart it is, but far in the cosmos I have flown.


For The Mag by Tess Kincaid and shared with dVerse

Picture le Jardin, 1962, by Max Ernst




Lists of things to do

Intimidate a few

Scribbled reminders or tidy

Typed A4 pages.

Show how busy we are and


Offer the reader the chance to

Finish the day with blank achievement


There will always

Have to be one item left uncrossed

In order to begin another list

Nothing on the list is idleness

Giving way to carelessness

So lists of things to do are essential to you.


For Victoria’s DVerse prompt ‘are you listing’?


Bathroom by Brahms




Away the dust of the day

Tinto swirls tears around the glass releasing rich aroma

Head rested on a soft pillow tilts up for the first sip

Rolling round taste buds rich and thick, herbs and cherry

Over the tongue, the bathroom is the same but warmed with pleasure

On the player violin second movement by Brahms lilts its measure

Mingling with the suds.


For dVerse



Essential to life

universal energy

charges the chakras.


Energy runs through all living things

Natural as a flowing stream gathering speed as it

Enters descent.  Or a wind that

Rages taking wrath on all in its path.

Gaia’s energy sustains the earth in its evolution and the

Yellow Ray gives the creative energy of the universe.


Prompt Energy from Sunday Scribblings


Spirits by blaumohn at http://www.deviantart.com