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To give life hope he would contrive,

to set aside his darker side,

but in the shadows of the  night,

nature begged to be applied,

Sins they say are death’s dark wage,

but hunger has to be assuaged.

Hearty and hairy the howl he makes,

fortells the fear on every face.

Those who hear run to disperse,

and find the safety of a church,

which only makes his hunger  worse.

Sharp teeth exposed and lips wide pursed,

the victim’s neck  his eye tooth hacks,

the master mind of dire attack.


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Red Roofs


This red cloak covers the blood of innocents

spoke the angel writing in the book of deeds,

shaking his head, more Karmic debt to appease.

The energy of the flowers already fading

has carried the dead to the inner planes

where each soul  is nurtured  by name.

Keeping silent vigil over the rooftops

the woman paints and the man prays.


Picture Prompt from The Mag, Tess Kincaid