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The Fool


The beginning and the end is naught

In the depths of consciousness

something new is sought.


A flower is alive within the seed

Earth, air and water will see it sprout

in the warmth and light of Spring.


Sun rises from the nadir

A new loop in the spiral of eternity

ensouls a spark with the lust for life.


It surges forward without fear

in the bright sunshine of a new day

unaware of the dark precipice.


The abyss that awaits foolishness

and swallows the careless intentions

of the incarnate.


Tread carefully for the shells

of materiality are hidden in duality

moulds making a false trail.


The womb and the tomb await

the return of the wandering soul

seeking  enlightenment.


The Tarot Cards of Sarah Wheatley

See them http://sarahmagdalene.com/2014/12/22/the-fool/ here


The Book of Dead Man


Life is death

the dead man said

in separation of spirit

the spark

inhabits the corporeal

an anguished ordeal

of aging flesh.


Dreams of death

in fleshless flight

pass the night

in freedom

yet caught by a

silver thread

at the dawning of morning


Astral adventures

confined to consciousness

of the etheric body

which roams the realms

of spiritual light

in Akasha where

all things are absorbed.


For Grace’s prompt at dVerse

Consciousness is Invisible

C_G Jung Portrait by Fredrik Söblerberg.

Invisible yet powerful

the core of consciousness

of mankind manifests

in the group soul of the race.


Each thought thought,

each life lived effects evolution

garnering with each generation

information for the universal mind.


Through dreams and reflection

we can access this information

causing complexities of the psych

to fathom the reason for incarnation.


Progress of the soul is invisible

yet processed in the material.

Detachment from drama and trauma

bring acceptance in the lessons of life.


At dVerse Mary talks of invisibility.

Portrait of C G Yung by Fredrik Söblerberg