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10 x 10


A clarion call carries earth vibrations to the Inner Planes

Angel songs without words reverberate on rungs of Jacob’s ladder

Moon Goddess reflects the Sun’s light on planet Earth’s night

Vision of beauty triumphant and divine love, Empress of Venus

Power of the mind in Mercury fires the creative imagination

Sun is the central point of balance of the universe

Power from Mars destroys what is spiritually incorrect for evolution

Jupiter bestows the compassion of the creator, a beneficent ruler

Saturn binds in form the divine force of the cosmos

Sirius holds universal knowledge and five rays of the Cosmos


For Victoria’s prompt at dVerse.  A form of poetry with ten words created by Brian Miller.



Ring Chaos


Travelling atom

swirling inside a circle

inside the Cosmos.


A circle within

another circle Pass Not

contains the atom.


rebounding within

seven plains and vortices

whirling through twelve rays.


centrifugal force

fashions its complexity

to find night of God.


Within the Cosmos

Universal clusters form

a solar system.


For Carpe diem CHAOS

Beyond Time



The flame burning within

flickers in the sound of silence

as it searches for the essence of spirit,

divine spark of the cosmic life force.


Are there sounds beyond the veil,

angels singing sweet songs?

Do they hear the screaming wind

of this turbulent stormy night?


The ascended masters must see us

struggling to understand

why we are separated from our star

by earth, water, air and fire.


A spark of spirit from the cosmos

inhabits these electrical impulses

we see as flesh, bone and blood

labouring in linear time.


An Incarnationary experiment

gathering experiences for evolution

memories of pleasure and pain

initiated on the material plane.


Picture prompt from The Mag by Tess Kincaid

and shared with dVerse

Vesica Piscis


Hidden in the stars

divine imagery

sacred geometry.


Planet Earth conceived

on the template of the tree

sun at the centre.


Our solar system

revolves in infinity.

Pull of the cosmos.


Haiku Heights September Challenge – Prompt DIVINE

and for Sunday Scribblings prompt REVOLUTION


Picture.  Melchizedek High Priest of the cosmic Order of Melchizedek which includes all who serve from divine guidance.

Beyond the Universe

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God”.

John 1.1


The Great Entity became aware of itself and spoke causing waves of movement within the circular Universe making stars and sending planets spinning.  Confined here with a ring called the ‘pass not’ to keep us from spinning away.  The tiny planet Earth just a speck, our evolutionary phase slowed by the fall.

The Cosmos contains many Universes as well as our Solar System.  Is there evolving life and consciousness beyond, so different and advanced from ours we could not comprehend it ?


Prompt IN THE BEGINNING from Sunday Scribblings