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The Book of Dead Man


Life is death

the dead man said

in separation of spirit

the spark

inhabits the corporeal

an anguished ordeal

of aging flesh.


Dreams of death

in fleshless flight

pass the night

in freedom

yet caught by a

silver thread

at the dawning of morning


Astral adventures

confined to consciousness

of the etheric body

which roams the realms

of spiritual light

in Akasha where

all things are absorbed.


For Grace’s prompt at dVerse




We just sat on the edge of the water

sipping Pouilly-Fuissé.

He had come for me

to drag me from my melancholy,

reliving the horror of loss.

The afternoon shifted in wine and sunshine

and my heart began to feel lighter.

Though the vision in the water

was not mine but his, buried long ago,

and at last laid to rest.


Written for The Mag


Ship of Death

The port of life is left behind,

dissolving the mortal mind.

The Ship of Death dances on ocean spray

bringing the soul to spirit’s doorway.

Soul sails through the tunnel to light

unchanged, unchallenged, bodiless.

The sleep of death is deep and egoless

as the silver cord is severed.

A body of light rises to consciousness,

awareness reaches a higher plane

in spirit we shall live again

a new life free from pain.


Of all the Tarot Cards, Death is the one most people fear to draw and it is probably the most misunderstood.  Although the card can herald a physical death, in most readings it simply means that a new way of life is required.  Something is outgrown and we need to move on.  There is a need to let go of the old and bring in the new.  To take responsibility for ourselves by letting go of another person or something that is no longer appropriate for us.

We should not fear death because we are spiritual beings who have chosen to experience life in a material body on a planet with gravity.  When we return to spirit the pains and concerns of a material life fall away and the ego that told us we were alone and separate in the material world no longer torments us.

Words Copyright Tigerbrite

 The paintings of the Magdalene Tarot are copyright Sarah Wheatley