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Never to be Told


Our deepest secrets

written in evolution

survive our passing


For Abhra’s prompt at dVerse ‘Secrets’


Beyond Time



The flame burning within

flickers in the sound of silence

as it searches for the essence of spirit,

divine spark of the cosmic life force.


Are there sounds beyond the veil,

angels singing sweet songs?

Do they hear the screaming wind

of this turbulent stormy night?


The ascended masters must see us

struggling to understand

why we are separated from our star

by earth, water, air and fire.


A spark of spirit from the cosmos

inhabits these electrical impulses

we see as flesh, bone and blood

labouring in linear time.


An Incarnationary experiment

gathering experiences for evolution

memories of pleasure and pain

initiated on the material plane.


Picture prompt from The Mag by Tess Kincaid

and shared with dVerse

Nature of the Universe


The work of nature,

thought form of the Universe,

a noumenal force.


Amorphous substance

to crystalline structure

path of evolution.


Cosmic divine sparks

form individual

intelligent life.


All life forms are

differentiations of the

common source.


Prompt NATURE by Haiku Heights


Noumenal forces


To create life forms within the

Universe and

Realisation of differentiation in



Picture credit ‘Planets of the Universe’ by Joe Macer at www.deviantart.com

Atoms and Evolution

“It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yesterday is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow.” – Robert Schuller

That which has gone before conditions what will come.

Whether it is in our own mind, that of the microcosm, or the Universal Mind of the Macrocosm.

As the universal atom rides the rays from the central stillness of God to the Ring Pass Not it gathers the experience of what has passed that way before.

The momentum of the bounce sends it circling back to the centre,

the point within a circle which is our source of life and light.

Positivity produces movement and evolution so the atom begins a new journey on another ray.

On its journeys back and forth the atom leaves the imprint of its own experience.

This will be gathered by the next atom on the path of the ray.

The next atom will also gather the sum of the previous atoms’ experiences.

When the twelve rays have been experienced the atom will settle

somewhere between the central stillness and the Ring Pass Not.

The more complex the atom the further it will settle away from the centre.

That’s how we got here.

Our world of atoms spins on the outer reaches of the Universe.

We absorb the emanations from source that have passed through positive and negative experiences resulting in our world of duality.

The experience of the material.


“To see the world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour.”  William Blake.


Prompt from http://talesthursday.blogspot.com/